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Happy Teriyaki makes fresh, delicious teriyaki bowls and meals with high standards for ingredients and service. For over 25 years, customers have enjoyed their Japanese-style teriyaki meals, large portions of flavorful proteins, rice, and veggies.

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5 Benefits of Investing in a Treasure Valley Teriyaki Franchise
2021-08-24 23:42 BY Happy Teriyaki
Investing in a successful restaurant franchise can be an exciting new business venture. The key is finding the right franchise to pursue. Rather than addi
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Healthy Delivery Food Doesn’t Have to Make Dinner Boring – Try Teriyaki
2021-08-24 23:40 BY Happy Teriyaki
Sometimes, you just want to have a delivery night, but you still want something healthy. You find yourself stuck in a delivery night dilemma—do you actual
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5 Menu Options You Have to Try From a Treasure Valley Teriyaki Restaurant
2021-07-30 04:27 BY Happy Teriyaki
The arrival of a true Seattle-style teriyaki franchise to the Treasure Valley means that residents of Boise and the surrounding area now have access to in
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5 Reasons to Order Teriyaki for Dinner
2021-07-30 04:23 BY Happy Teriyaki
Who doesn’t love ordering from the best Asian and Chinese delivery Boise has to offer on occasion? The food is good, it’s convenient, and it’s one less th
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Why the Teriyaki Craze Has Landed in the Treasure Valley
2021-06-30 21:31 BY Happy Teriyaki
The teriyaki craze has landed in the Treasure Valley in a big way. It’s an option for food delivery Meridian Idaho and
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5 Things to Look for in Delicious Treasure Valley Teriyaki Delivery
2021-06-30 21:28 BY Happy Teriyaki
The American love affair with teriyaki as we know it began about 50 years ago in Seattle. Since that time, this traditi
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The Secret to Finding Amazing Teriyaki in the Treasure Valley
2021-05-25 01:05 BY Happy Teriyaki
Teriyaki has been a major part of the Northwest’s food scene for a while; it’s practically Seattle’s official food. While it hasn’t always been that way f
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Hungry for Treasure Valley Asian and Chinese Food but Looking to Try Something Different? Try Teriyaki
2021-05-25 00:55 BY Happy Teriyaki
Food cravings can be complicated. Have you ever had days when you’re craving Asian food, for example, but nothing sounds that good, or you just want to tr
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4 Asian Cuisine Dishes That Make Family Meals Fun
2021-04-29 06:42 BY Happy Teriyaki
Planning a meal that you and the whole family will enjoy takes a bit of strategy, and strategy is fun, right? At least
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3 Ways to Enjoy Chicken From a Teriyaki Franchise
2021-04-29 04:06 BY Happy Teriyaki
Sometimes you just need an enormous bowl of chicken, veggies, and rice—but that doesn’t mean you want a flavorless meal
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3 Healthy Options to Order From Teriyaki Restaurants
2021-04-04 23:41 BY Happy Teriyaki
Ordering teriyaki chicken, beef, or shrimp is an exciting way to mix-up your meals throughout the week. It’s a takeout or delivery option that you can enjoy o
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How to Order a Delicious Takeout Meal for the Whole Family
2021-04-04 23:39 BY Happy Teriyaki
Ordering a meal for the whole family can be a rewarding—and delicious—way to take a little pressure off you during the week. With the help of fast-casual rest
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