How to Order a Delicious Takeout Meal for the Whole Family

Ordering a meal for the whole family can be a rewarding—and delicious—way to take a little pressure off you during the week. With the help of fast-casual restaurants offering takeout and delivery, you can fill up hungry tummies without spending extra time in the kitchen. Plus, with a little strategy and some excellent decision-making skills, you can make the most out of your takeout and delivery meals.

Find Out Your Family’s Protein Preferences

It’s easier on everyone if you pick the location. Asian-fusion and teriyaki restaurants are a great choice when you have to feed the whole family. Rather than asking your family where they want to eat, find out what kind of proteins they want instead. Teriyaki restaurants offer various proteins such as chicken, beef, pork, tofu, and shrimp (AKA prawn). They also satisfy cravings for the Chinese food Nampa families love with a healthy meal that includes steamed veggies, fresh rice, and lots of flavor.

Order Meals, Sides, and Extras

Once you’ve found out if the family would prefer to eat shrimp, tofu, chicken, or any other protein, order a plate or bowl for everyone. Some teriyaki franchises in the Treasure Valley, such as Happy Teriyaki, serve generous portions, so there’s no need to order extra meals. However, you may want to pick up a couple of different sides like spring rolls and gyoza. They’re a delicious and exciting menu item from Asian fusion, Korean, and Chinese delivery Boise residents always enjoy. When you place an order for delivery or takeout with a teriyaki restaurant, ask for extra teriyaki sauce or katsu sauce on the side so everyone can customize their sauce amounts.

Seal Leftovers to Preserve Flavor

The best takeout and delivery options have big portions. Ordering budget-friendly meals and sides from a restaurant such as Happy Teriyaki ensures that you have leftovers for another day. To best preserve your meal, store it in reusable glass or plastic containers from your home because they seal better than takeout containers. You can separate your proteins from vegetables and rice to ensure they retain moisture and flavor. Separating your leftovers also makes it easy for you to reheat them the next day. Depending on what is leftover, there are ways you can preserve the original texture and flavor of foods when you reheat them.

Bonus: The Best Ways to Reheat Your Food

Bake, broil, or pan-toss protein until it’s crispy or sizzling. Add a sprinkle of water to cold, white rice and microwave until heated. Steamed vegetables can be microwaved or tossed in a nonstick pan until hot. Top leftovers with extra sauces and serve it all like new!

When it comes to ordering takeout and food delivery Nampa options such as Asian fusion, Chinese, Korean, and Japanese-style teriyaki restaurants can feed the family on a budget. Their menus are full of nutritious and exciting items, as well as delicious sweet teas (with or without boba). Additionally, you can quickly reheat any leftovers from these options without sacrificing the flavor of your meal. So, pick up your phone and place an order with your local favorite—it’s time to eat!

About Happy Teriyaki

Happy Teriyaki makes fresh, delicious teriyaki bowls and meals at the snap of your fingers. With the highest standards for ingredients and service, Happy Teriyaki has served up Japanese-style teriyaki meals for over 25 years. They combine large portions of tender and flavorful proteins with rice and steamed vegetables, in addition to sides and their blended bubble teas. Founded in Washington, the franchise became a fast favorite among Treasure Valley residents. Now you can enjoy dine-in and takeout from Happy Teriyaki when you visit one of their locations or place an order online for a fresh and authentic Asian cuisine experience.

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