The Best Tools for Self-Massage (and Faster Recovery After Tough Workouts)

Among all the amazing self-treatment methods that are currently available, a very interesting product has become easily accessible - the Backnobbers. This handy S-shaped instrument is among the best inventions ever in regards to hand-held massagers. Despite its silly name, it's one of the best tools for self-massage ever developed. With this nifty tool, anyone is able to effectively and painlessly massage any part of their body at home. Best of all, it works even better if the person doing the massaging knows how to use it properly.

The Original Backnobber Invented by: Bob extent Hand-held massager which was originally known as the Backnobbers is the world's first and still the best hand-held massager. Although it's not the most powerful tool when compared to other types of massagers and the original version only allowed limited tapping on the keys (it could only detect when you squeezed the trigger), it definitely goes to show that nothing beats an effective massage. It is specifically designed for deep tissue massage and it does its work quite well. It may not be very relaxing to some but with regular sessions, you'll definitely feel much better about yourself.

Massage Balls: Massage balls are one of the best tools for self-massage becaues they are handheld, they are relatively cheap, and you can use them absolutely anywhere. There is a surprising number of types of massage balls, including your basic lacrosse ball as well as more advanced massage balls that feature knobs and spikes for targeting hard-to-massage areas and even incorporating vibration therapy. Ultimately, the best self-massage ball you end up using depends on your budget adn how often you plan on using it.

Chronic Back Pain Tool: The Chronic Back Pain Tool is the next best thing to the Backnobbers. It comes with a massaging ball and a very helpful instructional video. It was initially intended for people who are experiencing chronic back pain but with continuous use, many have found relief from the pain. It's a great tool because it targets the origin of the problem and offers permanent solution. With just once session, you'll immediately feel relief from any chronic pain that you experience.

Backboard Massager: The Backboard Massager is a slightly more advanced tool that comes in either electric or manual model. Some experts recommend the manual back pain relief massager over the electrical one simply because the former is more convenient and more comfortable to use. This massager works on the same principle of delivering sustained back-up pressure by bouncing the lower back and the buttock region. Unlike the Backnobbers which works on just one pressure point, the Backboard Massager can deliver continuous delivery of back-up pressure until the target area is reached.

If you want to take your massage chair experience to the next level, consider investing in a massager that includes various modes and features. The best way to learn which mode is for you is to try out both the backnobbers and the massager with the chair so you can see which one you like best. Most massagers have several modes, including sport massage, relaxation, and sport specific massage. Each of these modes can be customized to work according to what type of massage treatment your back needs. For instance, if you need sport specific massage, the massage chair can be modified to provide sports massage techniques that are designed to alleviate injuries.

To help you find the right therapeutic backnobber for your needs, consult with your massage therapist or physician who can recommend a suitable backnobber for your type of massage therapy. A good example of a good therapeutic backnobber is Donna Eden's Thera Sacra. This massager has received rave reviews from consumers all over the world for its ability to massage the lower back effectively and safely. You can check out more information about this massager by visiting the official website at Donna Eden Thera Sacra Massage Chair.


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