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my wine geek story
2016-05-15 10:18 BY rojokona
Our daughter was born in April 1981, I knew nothing about wine. 20 years later, I had a small vineyard and I guess you can call me a wine ge..
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Soil Depletion and its Affect on Our Health
2016-05-14 15:09 BY rojokona
Soil Depletion and its Affect on Our Health“You can trace every sickness, every disease and every ailment to a mineral deficiency.” - Dr...
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Mad Scientist
2016-05-06 10:39 BY rojokona
I am always amazed at what grows here on this planet. Here in Hawaii the diversity of plant and animal life in mine blowing. New strange flo..
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the ocean provides, thank you
2016-05-02 11:53 BY rojokona
Yellow fin Tuna (Ahi), we use all parts for food, soup to sushi.
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I love candy from china (picture)
2016-05-01 10:14 BY rojokona
  I am always happy standing in front of the candy counter at Wu-Mart. Always colorful and organized. Then to be in Beijing in win..
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Visit to a Kona Coffee Farm
2016-04-30 18:38 BY rojokona
Our coffee farm in Honaunau, Kona, Hi. This is home for us and our land provides us with everything we need. From solar electricity and hot ..
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Breathe (undersea dance)
2016-04-30 18:27 BY rojokona   This is a pastime and a job we love to do a few times a week. We see different thing..
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picture of the day
2016-04-30 18:19 BY rojokona
Our farm in Honaunau, Kona, Hi
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A True Love Story
2016-04-30 18:15 BY rojokona
A True Love Story  There is a farmer, not so handsome, not much hair, getting up in age.   There is a beautiful woman, also a..
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