For our ancestors who didn’t have the benefit of a world map...

10 min ago

For our ancestors who didn’t have the benefit of a world map...

Rizom - April,2018

For our ancestors who didn’t have the benefit of a world map...

Rizom - April,2018

For our ancestors who didn’t have the benefit of a world map...

Rizom - April,2018

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Diamonds More Than a Girl’s Best Friend

One of the biggest diamonds in history has been discovered in the mountainous kingdom of Lesotho in southern Africa. The diamond mining co..

Jessie -2018-01-15 19:07
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Communicating with Millennials

I’ve been hearing a lot about millennials and how they learn, act, and shape marketing and purchasing protocols. Here’s a few fun facts ab..

Jessie -2018-01-06 10:36
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A Scottish New Year’s Tradition

I read today that it is tradition in Scotland to open your front door before midnight on New Year’s Eve to let the old year out and allow ..

Jessie -2018-01-02 20:37
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Palestinians Pull Envoy Back

The BBC has reported that the Palestinians have announced they are recalling their envoy to the United States for "consultations"..

Jessie -2017-12-31 11:07
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Iran Protests Over Internet Restrictions

The BBC reports that Iran has moved to restrict social media networks that have been used to organize four days of anti-establishment prot..

Jessie -2017-12-31 11:00
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Where We Go

Where we'll go is determined by how we get there.The journey is the thing. The destination is important. But only as it applies to how ..

Jessie -2017-12-29 08:31
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Topless Woman Meets Baby Jesus

People will do anything to make their point. Often times the attempts are foolish beyond imagination.Case in point: According to Reuters,&nb..

Jessie -2017-12-25 13:42
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Soup for Your Soul and Your Health

I came across an excellent recipe for a Ginger and Garlic soup that will help fight the colds and flu that are common to this time of year..

Jessie -2017-12-15 12:31
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Facebook Disables Ethnicity Advert Targeting System

BBC News reports that Facebook has temporarily turned off a system that allowed advertisers to choose which ethnic and minority groups sa..

Jessie -2017-12-02 17:38
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Cable-Laying Drone Wires Up Welsh Village

A drone has helped bring superfast broadband services to an isolated Welsh village. Cable company Openreach used the drone to avoid having..

Jessie -2017-12-02 17:28
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Saudi-led Coalition Welcomes Saleh Offer to Talk About Yemen Conflict

The Saudi-led coalition in Yemen has welcomed an offer of talks by former President Ali Abdullah Saleh whose forces have been fighting aga..

Jessie -2017-12-02 17:23
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Historic Birth a First in U.S.

We don’t often hear about births being a “first” or “historic”, but that’s exactly what took place in a birth late last month. For the fir..

Jessie -2017-12-02 15:03
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Schwarzenegger Honor Nixed by Protestors

Arnold Schwarzenegger will not appear at an awards dinner for California Common Cause Friday night, after a group of activists threatened ..

Jessie -2017-12-02 14:00
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India Instant Divorce Declared Unconstitutional

Husbands who attempt "instant divorce" could be sentenced to three years in prison under draft legislation being considered in I..

Jessie -2017-12-02 12:10
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Arctic Ocean Fishing Moratorium

The world's major fishing nations have agreed to a moratorium on commercial fishing in the Arctic Ocean, before a plan or written agre..

Jessie -2017-12-02 12:00
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Hawaii Tests Nuclear Warning Siren

The U.S. state of Hawaii tested its nuclear warning siren for the first time since the end of the Cold War. Resuming of monthly tests comes..

Jessie -2017-12-02 11:50
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Matt Lauer Wants More

Matt Lauer is looking for more. More money from NBC that is. A new report indicates the TV anchor’s lawyers are hoping to get him a report..

Jessie -2017-12-02 07:57
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Flynn Flops on Russian Election Meddling

Former White House national security advisor Michael Flynn is moving to cooperate with a special prosecutor probing possible collusion bet..

Jessie -2017-11-23 19:22
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Driverless Buses Coming Your Way?

All jokes about Asian drivers aside, Singapore plans to introduce driverless buses on its public roads by 2022. Who knows, it might even b..

Jessie -2017-11-23 11:35
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Google, Facebook Oppose Net Neutrality Rule Changes in U.S.

The BBC reported that Technology giants Google and Facebook have joined forces with start-ups to criticize US plans to alter net neutralit..

Jessie -2017-11-23 10:59
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British Government Helps in UK Broadband Update

The BBC reported the British government says it will distribute £190m of funding to help the roll-out of ultra-fast broadband across the U..

Jessie -2017-11-23 10:38
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Thank You U.S. Veterans

Home of the Free Because of the BraveVeterans Day is this Saturday, and almost all of us know someone who sacrificed years of their life (..

Jessie -2017-11-07 10:26
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Wells Fargo Unwell

In a regulatory filing on Friday, November 3rd, the beleaguered Wells Fargo & Co disclosed that it’s facing further litigation over pre..

Jessie -2017-11-04 12:31
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Tech Stocks Lead in Market Rise

Up, up and away! It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no! It’s Super Stocks—tech stocks that is—helping to lead the way ever upward. Technology stoc..

Jessie -2017-11-04 11:48
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Wi-Fi for all. Why Not?!

Have you ever been in a location where you couldn’t get Internet service on your phone when you really wanted it? Remember how angry or fr..

Jessie -2017-10-29 13:55
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Project Loon helping Puerto Ricans Reach Out

Puerto Ricans are getting a lift in their cell phone communications and access to the Internet through their cell phones thanks to balloon..

Jessie -2017-10-23 07:25
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Trump / Counter-Trump

     Trump speaks and Pilosi Complains. Trump acts and Clinton dredges up old news. Trump tweets and the world is outra..

Jessie -2017-10-17 06:18
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Big Bear & Lake Arrowhead

     This past weekend we went on a relaxing and enjoyable drive, rich with beautiful scenery and panoramic views. We t..

Jessie -2017-09-25 12:18
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Donate to Hurricane Relief

This season has brought such great devastation to cites in both Texas and Florida. Recovery will take years and billions of dollars. If you ..

Jessie -2017-09-17 09:49
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Don't Just Win--Thrive!

We all want to win in the game of life. But how do we go about not only winning, but thriving! There are some daily habits that will help ..

Jessie -2017-09-16 11:23
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