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Aviation is the design, development, production, operation, and use of aircraft, especially heavier-than-air aircraft. Articles related to aviation include:

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Aviation accidents and incidentsADFAccessory driveAdvance airfieldAdvanced Air MobilityAdvanced Technology EngineAdverse yawAerial reconnaissanceAerobaticsAerodromeAerodrome mapping database (AMDB) – AerodynamicsAerofoil -Aerodrome beaconAeronautical Information Manual (AIM) – Aeronautical chartAeronautical Message Handling SystemAeronautical phraseologyAeronauticsAerospaceAerospace engineeringAfterburner – Agile Combat Employment (ACE) – AileronAir CharterAir defense identification zone (ADIZ) – Air Freight TerminalAir traffic flow managementAir-augmented rocketAirbandAirbaseAirborne collision avoidance systemAircraft canopyAircraft maintenance engineer (AME) – Aircraft maintenance technician (AMT) – Aircraft registrationAircraftAircraft catapultAircraft engine controlsAircraft fairingAircraft lavatoryAircraft marshallingAircraft noiseAircraft ordnanceAircraft periscopeAir data boomAirfoilAirline Transport Pilot LicenseAirlineAirlinerAir navigationAir observation postAirport/Facility Directory (A/FD) – AirparkAirport - Airports CommissionAviation safetyAir routeAirshipAirshowAirspace classesAirspeedAirspeed indicatorAir-start systemAir traffic controlAir traffic controllers' strike of 1981Air-to-ground communicationAir turborocketAltimeterAltiportAltitudeAngel FlightAngle of attackAngle of incidenceAnhedralAnti-collision lightAnti-torque pedals (Helicopter rudder pedals) – Arresting gearArtificial horizonAspect ratio (wing)Assisted take-offAstrodomeAttitude indicatorAutolandAutomatic dependent surveillance – broadcastAutomatic Terminal Information Service (ATIS) – Autorotation (helicopter)Autorotation (fixed-wing aircraft)AutopilotAviationAviation archaeologyAviation communicationAviation historyAviation light signalsAviation medical examiner (AME) – Aviation parts tagAviation safetyAviation systemAviatorAvionicsAuxiliary power unit

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Balloon (aircraft)Bird strikeBlast padBlimpBolterBoundary layerBrevity codeBrodie landing systemBubble canopy – §Bypass ratio

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CanardCarrier onboard deliveryCenter of gravity (aircraft)Chord (aircraft)Chosen instrumentCircuit (airfield)Civil Air Patrol (US Air Force Auxiliary) – Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) – Clear-air turbulenceCloaking deviceCockpitCockpit voice recorderCoefficient of liftCoefficient of momentCollectiveCommercial pilot licenseCommon-use self-service (CUSS) – CompassCompression liftCompressor stallContour flyingControlled airspaceCVFRConvertiplaneCowlingCrab landingCrash position indicatorCross controlCTAFCyclic

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Deep stallDelta wingDihedralDistance measuring equipment (DME) – DragDrag-reducing aerospikeDrop zoneDual controlDucted fan – dumb-bell – Dutch roll

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ElevatorElevonEmergency locator beaconEmergency locator transmitter ELT – Empennage (tail section) – Enhanced flight vision systemETOPSExperimental aircraftEurocontrol (European Organisation for the Safety of Air Navigation) – Empty weightEnvironmental and climate impacts of aviation

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Fail-safeFederal Aviation Administration (FAA – US authority) – Fixed-base operatorFlame holderFlameoutFlapFlightFlight control surfacesFlight data recorderFlight deckFlight envelope protectionFlight information regionFlight instrumentsFlight lengthFlight levelFlight management systemFlight planFlight planningFlight simulatorFlight trainingFlight timeFly-by-wireFlyingFlying car – Flying families – Fly-inFlying PlatformFlying wingForm drag - From the Ground Up (book) – Formation light - Flight information serviceFuel control unit

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Geared turbofanGeneral aviationg-LOCG-suitGlass cockpitGlide pathGlider aircraftGlider (sailplane)Glider pilot certificateGlidingGluhareff Pressure JetGo aroundGPSGreat-circle distanceGround Air Emergency CodeGround carriageGround effectGround support equipmentGust lockGyrodyne

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Heading indicatorHead-up displayHold (aviation)History of aviationHelicopterHelicopter flight controlsHypermobilityHypersonic flight

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ICAO spelling alphabetIon-propelled aircraftInertial Navigation SystemInfrared signatureInstrument flight rules (IFR) – Instrument landing system (ILS) – Instrument ratingIndicated airspeedIntake/Inlet blankIntake rampInternational Air Transport Association (IATA) – International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) – Integrated engine pressure ratio (IEPR) – Intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition, and reconnaissance (ISTAR) – International Fighter Pilots Academy (IFPA) - Instrument meteorological conditions

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Jet AirlinerJet blast deflectorJet engineJetlinerJet washJetwayJoint-use airportJoystick

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LandingLanding lightsLanding TLanding zoneLeading-edge extensionLift (force)Lift-induced dragLight-sport aircraftLow-altitude parachute-extraction system

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MachmeterMach tuckMagnetic chip detectorMaintenanceMETARMeteorologyMaintenance, repair and overhaulMobilityMulti-function display

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NACA ductNanolightNautical airmileNaval air stationNaval outlying landing fieldNaval aviationNavigation - Navigation lightNo-fly zoneNon-directional beacon (NDB) – Non-towered airportNight aviation regulations in the US -NOTAM

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Oleo strutOshkosh AirshowOverhead join

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Performance and weather minimaPerformance envelopePersonal air vehiclePhugoidPilot controlled lightingPilot licensesPilot licensing and certificationPilot reports (PIREPS) – Powered liftPrecision approach path indicatorPrecooled jet enginePrivate pilot licenseProne pilotPropellerPropelling nozzlePropfanPulsejetPushback (aviation)

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Quick access recorderQFEQNHQ codeQTOL

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RadarRadar intercept officerRadio beaconRadar blipRadar cross-sectionRadar lock-onRadar warning receiverRamjetReaction engineReaction propulsionReady roomReciprocating engines – Red square – Relaxed stabilityRemove before flight tagRIATRoadable aircraftRocket turbine engineRogallo wingRotating detonation engineRoute structure - RTOLRudderRuddervatorRule of three (aviation)RunwayRun-up (aviation)

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Satellite airfieldScramjetSeaplane baseSecond line - Sectional chartShock diamondShcramjetSignal squareSpatial disorientationSparSpin (flight)Spoiler (aeronautics)Spy basketSlatsSlip landingspecific fuel consumption (propeller engines) – Specific fuel consumption (thrust) (jet engines) – Sport pilot certificateStabilatorStaggerStall (flight)Standard dayStealth aircraftStick shakerSTOLportStrike packageStudent pilot certificateSupercruiseSwedish Civil Aviation AdministrationSwing-wing

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T-tailTabletop runwayTactical beacon (TACBE) – Tailess aircraftTailhookTakeoffTakeoff/go-around switchTarget blipTaxiingTaxiwayTen-codeTerminal area chartThrust vectoringTraffic pattern indicatorTransatlantic flightTrim tabTrue airspeedTurbine engineTurn and bank indicator

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Uncontrolled airport (see Non-towered airport) – Uncontrolled airspaceUnderground hangarUrban Air Mobility

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V speedsV-tailValveless pulsejetVariable cycle engineVenturi effectVertical speed indicatorVertical stabilizer (fin) – Visual approach slope indicator (VASI) – Visual flight rules (VFR) – VNEVOR VHF omni-range (type of navigational beacon) - Visual meteorological conditions

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War emergency powerWaveriderWayportWheel chockWide-body aircraftWind shearWingWingboxWingless Electromagnetic Air VehicleWingletWorld aeronautical chart

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Yaw angleYaw stringYehudi lights

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