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Ghosts at Work?
2018-07-21 08:55 BY Jessie
Some people in the workforce are engaging in what has begun to be called, “Ghosting”. One person left at lunch. Another made up a story abo..
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WhatsApp Sets Limits to Stop Rumors
2018-07-21 08:52 BY Jessie
Facebook’s WhatsApp will limit the ability of people to forward messages to large groups. The move is as an attempt to curb fast-spreading..
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4-Day Work Week Wins
2018-07-21 08:48 BY Jessie
After experimenting with a reduced schedule (without cutting salaries) for two months, New Zealand estate planning firm Perpetual Guardian..
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How Overqualified People Get Jobs
2018-07-15 09:23 BY Jessie
People wanting to take a step back in their careers may face the obstacle of being overqualified for the position they seek. However, peop..
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Uber Pledges Better Driver Checks
2018-07-15 09:20 BY Jessie
Uber said this week that it was teaming up with background check provider, Checkr, and analytics firm, Appriss, to better track drivers..
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Drug prices are on the rise
2018-07-15 09:18 BY Jessie
During the first 10 days of July, at least ten drug makers raised prices on at least 20 medicines, Rx Savings Solutions and Bloomberg Inte..
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Autonomous Robot Furniture
2018-07-15 09:15 BY Jessie
Who says furniture needs to stay put? Lebanese industrial designer Nour Malaeb has developed a piece of robotic furniture that users ..
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America Needs More truckers
2018-07-08 14:27 BY Jessie
Trucking companies are having a difficult time finding new drivers, even after hiking pay and offering bonuses, according to The Washingto..
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Univision Offloading Fusion?
2018-07-08 14:25 BY Jessie
Univision is looking to divest Fusion Media Group — parent company of sites including Gizmodo and Deadspin — as the company restructures u..
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Groupon Looking to Sell itself?
2018-07-08 14:23 BY Jessie
Groupon and its bankers have been actively working to sell the company, Recode reports, citing two people familiar with the move. The deal..
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Japan Rains Kill Dozens, Millions Flee
2018-07-08 14:21 BY Jessie
Violent weather has wreaked havoc in Japan. Heavy summer rains have resulted in the death of at least 76 people, and more than 1.6 million..
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Don't Let Confusion Derail You
2018-07-08 14:18 BY Jessie
To beat procrastination, schedule time to be confused. Sometimes, we avoid tasks just because we have no idea how to get started. To count..
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Bugs Coming to Dinner Menus
2018-07-08 14:16 BY Jessie
Bugs could be hitting more menus as consumers look for protein alternatives, reports Bloomberg. Insects — already eaten regularly by 2 bil..
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New Way to Learn Coding for Free
2018-07-08 14:14 BY Jessie
 Want to learn to code without paying up front? Programs such as Lambda School, App Academy and even Purdue University are experiment..
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1M People Priced out of Health Insurance
2018-07-04 12:20 BY Jessie
Amid a recent wave of health insurance premium increases, an estimated 1 million people were priced out of the health insurance market in ..
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