For our ancestors who didn’t have the benefit of a world map...

10 min ago

For our ancestors who didn’t have the benefit of a world map...

Rizom - April,2018

For our ancestors who didn’t have the benefit of a world map...

Rizom - April,2018

For our ancestors who didn’t have the benefit of a world map...

Rizom - April,2018

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William & Kate: Producing Royalties

Prince William and his wife, Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge, are once again expecting. This will be their third child.Kensington Palace m..

Jessie -2017-09-04 07:33
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King’s Canyon Vacation

I’m off to King’s Canyon in Northern California for a family vacation—a much needed vacation with family to rest, relax and refresh. I will..

Jessie -2017-08-20 12:40
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Shop Till it Drops

I love shopping. I live for shopping. I’m a shop-o-holic. But not for the sake of shopping itself, but for the sake of searching for the b..

Jessie -2017-07-29 16:33
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Kermit Has Another Frog in His Throat

The end of an era has come—again—and fans are croaking their sadness over the news that the long-time voice talent behind Kermit the Frog ..

Jessie -2017-07-11 12:44
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Trump’s Rally ‘Round the Campfire—and Brimstone

"We cannot allow this terrorism and extremism to spread in our country, or to find sanctuary on our shores or in our cities." So..

Jessie -2017-07-02 10:23
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National Smile Day

This morning I heard that today--June 15--is National Smile Day!!Pass along a smile to everyone you meet today. When you smile at someone, y..

Jessie -2017-06-15 07:41
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Ostapenko Owns French Open

Jelena Ostapenko took her first Grand Slam tennis title as a professional with her win in the 2017 French Open women’s final. In so d..

Jessie -2017-06-11 10:39
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One Love Manchester - Love over Terror!

It was exciting to see that the number of viewers tuning in to see the musical benefit, “One Love Manchester”, made it the most-watched pr..

Jessie -2017-06-05 11:39
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Department of Labor Working against Trump’s Wishes?

The Department of Labor announced yesterday that its fiduciary rule will take effect on June 9 without further delay. The regulation, whic..

Jessie -2017-05-28 11:23
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IBM MERA – 21st Century Eldercare

IBM Research and Rice University have teamed up to design a prototype robot tasked with helping senior citizens. Dubbed IBM MERA for Multi..

Jessie -2017-05-23 10:06
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Trust Accounts

Supporting Team Trust:Many corporate environs include “pods” or teams of workers all focused on specific duties, responsibilities or endeav..

Jessie -2017-05-22 11:54
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I'm Learning...

I’m learning—again—how easy it is to get caught up in the negativity life brings.I’m learning how easy it is to get de-railed by family is..

Jessie -2017-05-14 09:19
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The municipality of Bardolino is a well-known resort on Lake Garda in the Province of Verona in the Italian region of Veneto. It is one of..

Jessie -2017-05-07 21:25
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An American Fail in Paris

An American fail in Paris! I was shocked at how disappointing this musical is. It won so many awards: BEST MUSICAL of the year (2015) by b..

Jessie -2017-04-28 06:32
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Lean in to Life

“What is creative living? Any life that is driven more strongly by curiosity than by fear.”--Elizabeth GilbertI came across this quote th..

Jessie -2017-04-27 04:54
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Otaku Take Out

In looking for ideas that would inspire another blog, I came across the term, Otaku. It is a Japanese word with the following definition:o..

Jessie -2017-04-23 11:17
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An American in Paris

We’ve got tickets to see ‘An American in Paris’ live onstage this week. What started as a marvelous composition by George Gershwin in 1928..

Jessie -2017-04-22 17:12
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My Favorite Blogs

I know Wikiomni had to re-group and some blog stuff was altered. I went back through and udated most of what I have written in this web site..

Jessie -2017-04-15 19:53
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Bridge of Sighs

Venice, Italy, has an impressive collection of bridges, and the Bridge of Sighs is one of the best known in the world. The Bridge of..

Jessie -2017-04-15 18:26
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Make New the New Year

Every year people make New Year’s resolutions. These resolutions usually surround some type of self-improvement or satisfying items on buck..

Jessie -2017-01-02 11:30
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Escaping Vietnam, Segment #5

There were so many times in my multiple attempts at escape when I was very lucky. Although I don’t know if “luck” is the right word for it..

Jessie -2016-11-17 23:28
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Jaws Clench as Hands Shake

This photo of Barak Obama and Donald Trump shaking hands today in their first meeting since the election says it all.Their hands may be sha..

Jessie -2016-11-10 11:27
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Escaping Vietnam #4

During the early years of my father’s imprisonment, part of my duties in the afternoons working for my mom was making deliveries on a bicy..

Jessie -2016-10-15 12:14
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Tiger Tenderness

 I couldn’t resist sharing this photo of our dog, Ronny. This wonderful little dog makes us laugh more than anything else in life. He..

Jessie -2016-10-02 08:04
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Escaping Vietnam #3

At the tender age of 12 I began my first attempts at escaping the communists who had taken over South Vietnam. Most of my preliminary effort..

Jessie -2016-09-24 23:28
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Escaping Vietnam #2

I was born April 2, 1970. 5 years later on April 30th, Saigon fell to the communists. We lived on the outskirts of Saigon and it was a ter..

Jessie -2016-09-21 22:07
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Vietnamese Countryside

I’ve written in a former blog regarding my grandpa, how much I love the Vietnamese countryside. Yet most first-time travelers to Vietnam sta..

Jessie -2016-09-08 09:34
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Full House Beats 4-of-a-Kind

 When does a full house beat 4-of-a-kind? When it’s MY full house and my 4-of-a-kind!Normally, my 3 sons and I are enough to fill our 2..

Jessie -2016-09-03 18:39
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Good Friends

 We visited with our friends Roy and Joy this weekend. We love them and truly enjoy our time together. It is rare to find another coup..

Jessie -2016-08-23 18:07
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Escaping Vietnam

 In my last blog about my escape from Vietnam, I mentioned that our boat was on the ocean for 3 weeks. A few people died and were simp..

Jessie -2016-08-20 11:19
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