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Devine Intervention
2017-12-22 21:44 BY rojokona
Divine intervention is a purported miracle caused by a deity’s active involvement in the human world. Monday being the most celebrated day..
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2017-12-21 12:22 BY rojokona
TAXES…….some will pay less, some will pay more. What is disgusting to see is the reporting of it all. I am watching elected politicians loo..
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Today, December, This is Hawaii Island
2017-12-20 10:34 BY rojokona
This is the natural wonder of Hawaii Island. Every winter, if you can call Hawaii having a winter, just 25 miles over our back fence, you ..
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Hawaiian Petroglyphs
2017-12-19 11:32 BY rojokona
Humans have been leaving their mark since we first populated Earth. The early Hawaiians did it too. Here in Hawaii you can still find trac..
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Round-Up.........eating poison
2017-12-17 12:22 BY rojokona
Herbicide, glyphosate (commonly known as Roundup, marketed        by Monsanto)So here is the Oxymoron story. A sales ..
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Boy.......Did He Get It Wrong
2017-12-16 12:38 BY rojokona
  The American Soldier, What would the world be with out them?“I don't see much future for the Americans ... it's a decayed co..
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Jackson's friendly
2017-12-12 21:14 BY rojokona
In 1972, the Jackson's Chameleon (Chamaeloeo jacksonii) was introduced to the Hawaiian Islands from its native land of Kenya and Tan..
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2017-12-08 21:07 BY rojokona
I was born in the cold of February, under the sign of the Fish, on an Island. Was I destine to be a water-boy?Syosset, Long Island, New Yor..
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Fire & Healing
2017-12-06 10:37 BY rojokona
To all Friends in California living in harms way. We here in Hawaii pray you will get through this what ever the out come. In the picture ..
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Coffee Farming Girl
2017-11-30 22:08 BY rojokona
About 200 years ago, coffee came to Hawaii from Guatemala.  It found a home that it not only grew, it really grew. Today Kona Coffee ..
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Another Cup Of Coffee Talk
2017-11-27 21:21 BY rojokona
Coffee farming on the Big Isand Of Hawaii.The best cup of coffee you can get comes straight from the farm. We are taking all of those coffee..
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The Way I See It!
2017-11-26 15:05 BY rojokona
If you listen to the Bernie Sander's of the world, you think, nice guy. You think it all makes sense.What a Wonderful World this could ..
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2017-11-26 11:45 BY rojokona
So here is the lefts tax plan. "proven by history" We will let you keep more money from your paycheck, you will feel like you ha..
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Coffee Is Good For You
2017-11-22 22:25 BY rojokona out a new study, a few cups of coffee is not ..
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The First People Of Hawaii
2017-11-22 13:07 BY rojokona
   Every place has its First People. As it goes for this island chain, Hawaii seems to be the last place on this planet to have ..
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