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Chinese Sun Flower
2017-06-04 20:07 BY rojokona
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The Great Wall Of China
2017-06-04 18:28 BY rojokona
   So if you are a tourist, you get to see the Wall like most, Starbucks at the entrance, thousands of people, the Wall reconstru..
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WikiOmni&Word4app COMING OUT!
2017-06-04 04:18 BY rojokona
Coming out………Five years ago I was introduced to John Chen in California over dinner, Joy was in china. I had no idea what he was talking ab..
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Memorial Day In China
2017-05-26 20:34 BY rojokona
Memorial Day In China……..A three day holiday that is called the Dragon Boat festival. Nothing to do with honoring soldiers of wars past &a..
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2017-05-25 19:16 BY rojokona
FOOD Standing in the market place, amazing amount & variety, it is always the same for me. If I did not see what it was made from ..
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2017-05-22 18:44 BY rojokona
Not to offend anyone, the most generous person I have had the pleasure to meet is a Lawyer. 50% of all Lawyers are crazy, the other ha..
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2017-05-17 14:02 BY rojokona
So here I sit, water every where you turn a tap. The Earth is 75% covered in water. I find out you have to pay for it. Even thought it falls..
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A Good Book
2017-05-07 11:12 BY rojokona
On the road with books. The best places, for me, to enjoy reading a good book is on the road, traveling. No projects, to do lists, distract..
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2017-05-05 13:42 BY rojokona
Aloha, I found this sign & come to realize, in life, it is all about eating; it’s all about the food. We are off on a self imposed soci..
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The Pay Off
2017-04-21 18:51 BY rojokona
I just saw that my check was cashed by the IRS. No problem. I just saw that a few administrations ago paid North Korea 4 billion to not ha..
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2017-04-14 23:16 BY rojokona
Aloha, our sustainable living project is evolving. What started out as a place to call home has turned into a life style event that we are..
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Whole Lota Shaken Goin On Here in Honaunau
2017-04-08 18:13 BY rojokona
         Typical Day on the Farm. .............Pele is Restless17 in the last 24 hoursabout 11 hours ago &nb..
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A Day In America
2017-03-31 20:47 BY rojokona
This is a great country; we can all live here in our own way, just follow the rules. Today was a trip to US Immigration, friendly, welco..
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300 pounds of Marlin
2017-03-18 11:39 BY rojokona
Caught out in front of the farm, Honaunau, Hi. 300 pound Marlin, going to smoke all the meat.From the mountain to the ocean, so much food. A..
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March 11, 2011
2017-03-11 11:38 BY rojokona
Remember this day, 2011. Japans Tsunami. More than 20,000 people died or still missing. Possibly a million people will die from Fukushima.&..
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