For our ancestors who didn’t have the benefit of a world map...

10 min ago

For our ancestors who didn’t have the benefit of a world map...

Rizom - April,2018

For our ancestors who didn’t have the benefit of a world map...

Rizom - April,2018

For our ancestors who didn’t have the benefit of a world map...

Rizom - April,2018

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Reverse Mortgage

Reverse MortgageReverse mortgages are loans similar to standard home loans. The borrower’s financial eligibility and award are based on a..

A.J. -2017-05-20 13:27
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Leading with H.E.A.R.T. in Overcoming Objections

How do customers communicate their objections?How hard do we attempt to push through their objections, hesitations, fears, questions or c..

A.J. -2017-05-19 14:52
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My mom passed away 3 ½ years ago. She was 85. By the time she passed, she was a shell of her former self. 5 crushed discs in her back, the ..

A.J. -2017-05-14 09:32
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Dorothy Chandler Pavilion

The Dorothy Chandler Pavilion is one venue in the Los Angeles Music Center located in Los Angeles, California. It has a capacity of 3197 se..

A.J. -2017-05-13 07:49
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Slogging Sluggers

My beloved San Francisco Giants are slogging through the beginning of the season. Currently in last place! Yikes! What happened to my 3-ti..

A.J. -2017-05-05 09:38
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Black Russian

It would make sense that any cocktail containing “Russian” in its name would have vodka as its primary spirit. The Black Russian cocktail ..

A.J. -2017-05-05 06:33
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7 Steps to Successful Living

The 7 Steps to Success A strong foundation of CONFIDENCE allows you to self-assuredly and effectively use your COMMUNICATION skills ..

A.J. -2017-05-02 06:23
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Ode to Edgar Allen Poe

I saw a sock adheringI saw a sock adhering to the sweater I was wearing,just as I was then preparing, preparing, as I was, to leave;‘Twas i..

A.J. -2017-04-29 14:26
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Stay in the Game – A Strategy for Salespeople

Stay in the Game – A Strategy for SalespeopleWhat does sales success look like to you? Think about how many first-time encounters you’ve ..

A.J. -2017-04-29 07:33
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Your Signature, Your Value

Our signature represents not only our name, but also our values, and our honor. Whether it be on a legal document, an honor statement, a p..

A.J. -2017-04-25 23:27
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Fortune in Follow Through

In the world of sports, the definition of follow through is: (like in golf, baseball, and other sports) to continue one's movement aft..

A.J. -2017-04-23 10:54
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The Sweet Life

My youngest daughter tends bar while she attends school to be a Social Worker. In some ways she’s doing the same thing now without a degre..

A.J. -2017-04-21 12:45
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My Catalog

I was looking through the catalog of blogs I've written in Wikiomni and I thought it might be a good idea to put the list all in one pla..

A.J. -2017-04-15 18:45
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Discovery Bay

My sister and brother-in-law sold their home in Dublin, CA and moved to Discovery Bay. Discovery Bay; sounds like a place where children le..

A.J. -2017-04-15 18:16
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What Are Doing the Rest of Your Life?

The beginning of each year is a great watershed time to re-visit life-plans, yearly goals and, as a good checkpoint, to review whether our..

A.J. -2017-01-04 12:05
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Blueprint for Successful living in 2017

Blueprint for Successful living in 2017Ring in the new year with a commitment to reaching higher ground. Embrace the concept of Constant Co..

A.J. -2017-01-02 10:52
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Better Learning Better Life

Life is learning; learning important information from an early age that helps us not only survive, but thrive. The greater our commitment ..

A.J. -2016-12-05 10:51
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Put Me In Coach!

Training and coaching sound like they could be two different words describing the same practice—imparting information that someone else—st..

A.J. -2016-12-01 11:58
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Ding Dong the Wretch is Dead!

Ding Dong the Wretch is Dead!Ding dong the wretch is deadSweet revenge for those who fledding dong the wretch Fidel is deadYesterday, the C..

A.J. -2016-11-27 12:47
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Message From the Mat

I recently returned to practicing yoga--yes, I'm still in traction. When I practice frequently I take a lot of pain pills, but also&nbs..

A.J. -2016-11-17 08:43
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Who among us predicted the outcome of the presidential election correctly? I dare say, precious few. I don’t think even the Don himself tho..

A.J. -2016-11-09 10:38
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49ers - FAIL!!

Hail to the Cleveland Browns! They are no longer the worst team in the NFL. Yes, they are 0 – 6 and the 49ers are 1-5, but the Browns have..

A.J. -2016-10-18 09:08
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Maximizing Self #3

I grew up with the impression that if I worked hard, that would be enough to get me where I wanted to go in life. But that’s a fallacy. Th..

A.J. -2016-10-15 12:01
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Maximizing Self #2

In the first segment of this blog on Maximizing self, I gave you an assignment of setting long-term goals; breaking them down into short-t..

A.J. -2016-10-09 12:10
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The root of two evils

 Whatever your political party affiliation, Monday night's presidential debate was, at best, embarrassing. Neither candidate is one..

A.J. -2016-09-28 05:59
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Maximizing Self

 Maximizing Self           I teach mortgage law and sales skills to industry pro..

A.J. -2016-09-25 11:48
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World Series to Whirled Sorrows

I don't think anyone could have predicted the San Francisco Giants would go from having the best record in baseball midway through the s..

A.J. -2016-09-22 21:47
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Topping Off The T'anks

 Topping of the Thanks. I am so very grateful for my life; for and the path I have had and the privileges I’ve been afforded. I reali..

A.J. -2016-09-21 15:06
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Kaepernick Act Cowardly

 I ran across this article and found it very interesting, especially since it matches my own personal views on Kaepernick's foolish..

A.J. -2016-09-13 09:54
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Primes of our Lives Part 2

 In my last installment of the Primes of our Lives, I mentioned the significance of the prime number 37 in cabalistic religious writi..

A.J. -2016-09-12 05:52
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