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Life as Leadership
2017-12-16 08:20 BY A.J.
Which way did they go? How many were there? I HAVE to know, I am their leader!Have you ever encountered a manager in your life who just di..
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Beauty, Love and Friendship
2017-12-15 20:04 BY A.J.
It is both a blessing and wonderful luck to find beauty, love and friendship in our lives. Especially when we find all three of those joys..
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Cryptocurrency and the Economics of Shared Things
2017-12-15 12:10 BY A.J.
Decentralization and shared benefit services are driving major business model economies. Ushering in an age where the possibility of a one..
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Musk Bids to Build Chicago Travel Pods
2017-12-02 17:58 BY A.J.
According to BBC Technology News, Elon Musk's infrastructure firm, the Boring Company, will compete to build a new transport link in C..
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Trump Claims Flynn’s Dealings with Russia Were Lawful
2017-12-02 17:53 BY A.J.
 According to the BBC news, Donald Trump has responded to a guilty plea by his former national security adviser Michael Flynn, by say..
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New Tax Bill Key Points
2017-12-02 11:42 BY A.J.
Vice-President Mike Pence declared the narrow 51-49 victory to applause from Republicans in the early hours of Saturday morning. The final..
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U.S. Debt: How Serious is It?
2017-12-02 11:13 BY A.J.
The national debt and its growth are much in debate lately due to Trump’s and republicans’ new tax plan, which is estimated to add up to $..
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Republicans in Democrat’s Clothing?
2017-12-02 10:46 BY A.J.
Republicans are trying to pass a new tax plan that includes, in Donald Trump’s words a, “Massive tax cut”, despite their own avowed fiscal..
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Donald Trump’s Big Win on Tax Law
2017-12-02 10:20 BY A.J.
The new sweeping tax cuts bill passed the U.S. Senate, paving the way for Donald Trump's first big legislative victory as President.Th..
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Walmart. Rope. Tree. Journalist.
2017-12-02 08:00 BY A.J.
An offensive T-shirt offered by a third-party vendor through Walmart wmt’s online store has been pulled after a journalist advocacy group ..
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Jazz Great Jon Hendricks Dies at Age 96.
2017-11-23 13:01 BY A.J.
Jon Hendricks, the legendary jazz singer, has died at the age of 96.Once called the “James Joyce of jive” by Time magazine, Hendricks was ..
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Apple's iPhone Illegal Overtime Halted in China
2017-11-23 11:21 BY A.J.
Foxconn, a main supplier for Apple's iPhone, says it has stopped interns from working illegal overtime at its factory in China. The an..
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Android Phones Lie to Users
2017-11-23 10:18 BY A.J.
The good side of technology advances intrigues us and can make our lives easier. The bad side deceives us by not revealing the whole truth..
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Papa John's Apologizes for Pizza Papa
2017-11-15 08:19 BY A.J.
Once again corporate-speak steps in oozing political correctness hoping to save the bottom line. In the most recent example, Papa John’s P..
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Anti-Trump Screaming Protest Impotent
2017-11-09 10:05 BY A.J.
fascismnounA governmental system led by a dictator having complete power, forcibly suppressing opposition and criticism, regimenting all i..
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