List of video game publishers


This is a list of video game publisher companies. A video game publisher may specialize in only publishing games for developers, or may either have in-house development studios or own subsidiary development companies. Some developers may publish their games themselves.

This list includes both active and inactive companies. Active publishers are either run independently or as a subsidiary of another company. Inactive publishers may either be defunct outright or still exist but no longer involved in video game publishing.

active independently
active as subsidiary of larger game publisher
defunct / no longer active in video game publishing
Publisher Location Est. Notable games published Notes
07th Expansion Japan 2002 Higurashi When They Cry
Umineko When They Cry
Ciconia When They Cry
11 bit studios Warsaw, Poland 2010 Frostpunk
This War of Mine
video game developer, marketer, and distributor
1C Company Moscow, Russia 1991 Il-2 series
Men of War series
specializes in localization for Russia
2K Games Novato, California, United States 2005 NBA 2K
video game marketer and distributor; subsidiary and publishing label of Take-Two Interactive
3D Realms Garland, Texas, United States 1987 Duke Nukem series video game developer; also known as Apogee Software, Ltd.; acquired by Embracer Group in 2021
The 3DO Company Redwood City, California, United States 1991 Army Men video game and video game console developer
505 Games Milan, Italy 2006 publishing division of Digital Bros. group
7th Level Dallas, Texas, United States 1993 Monty Python's Complete Waste of Time defunct 1998
A&F Software Rochdale, UK 1981 Chuckie Egg merged with MC Lothlorien in 1986 to become Icon Design Ltd.
Aackosoft Zoeterwoude, Netherlands 1983 various MSX games defunct 1988
Aardvark Software UK 1983 Frak! defunct 1989
ABC Software Buchs, St. Gallen, Switzerland 1991 acquired by Electronic Arts in 1998
Absolute Entertainment Upper Saddle River, New Jersey, United States 1986 A Boy and His Blob: Trouble on Blobolonia defunct 1995
Access Software Salt Lake City, Utah, United States 1982 Tex Murphy acquired by Microsoft in 1999; defunct 2006
Acclaim Entertainment Glen Cove, New York, United States 1987 Turok
WWF WrestleMania
brand name acquired by Acclaim Games; intellectual property acquired by Throwback Entertainment
Accolade California, United States 1984 Hardball! series
Star Control series
Test Drive series
video game developer; acquired by Atari, SA née Infogrames in 1999, name retired
Acornsoft Cambridge, England, UK 1980 various Acorn Electron games rights sold to Superior Software in 1986
Acquire Tokyo, Japan 1994 Akiba's Trip acquired by GungHo Online Entertainment in 2011
Active Gaming Media AGM Osaka, Japan 2006 PLAYISM part of Active Gaming Media Inc., focuses on the localization and distribution of video games
Activision Santa Monica, California, United States 1979 Call of Duty
Guitar Hero
video game developer; acquired Neversoft in 1999 and Infinity Ward in 2003; acquired several other developers as well; merged with Vivendi to form Activision Blizzard in 2008
Activision Blizzard Santa Monica, California, United States 2008 formed by merger between Activision and Vivendi Games in 2008
Addictive Games Milton Keynes, England, UK 1982 Football Manager acquired by Prism Leisure Corporation in 1987, which continued to use the Addictive Games label until 1992
The Adventure Company Toronto, Ontario, Canada 2002 Still Life label of DreamCatcher Interactive until 2006, of JoWooD Productions Software from then until 2011, and of Nordic Games since then
Adventure International Longwood, Florida, United States 1978 Adventureland defunct 1985
Adventure Soft Birmingham, England, UK 1983 Simon the Sorcerer still sells old games but no longer publishes new games under the name
Affect Japan 1990 defunct 2008
Agatsuma Entertainment Tokyo, Japan 1997 Drawn to Life defunct 2016
Âge Tokyo, Japan 1999 Akane Maniax division of Acid Co., Ltd
AGEod Grenoble, France 2005 Birth of America acquired by Paradox Interactive in 2009 and renamed to Paradox France; they became independent in 2012 and their games are now published by The Slitherine Group
Agetec Sunnyvale, California, United States 1998 focuses on distributing Japanese titles in the US
Akabeisoft2 Japan 2005 Sharin no Kuni: The Girl Among the Sunflowers
Akella Moscow, Russia 1995 Age of Sail II
Age of Pirates series
Sea Dogs
video game developer; defunct 2012
Akupara Games Los Angeles, California, United States 2016 Whispering Willows
The Metronomicon: Slay the Dance Floor
video game developer, does console and mobile porting
Aksys Torrance, California, United States 2006 Guilty Gear series
ALcot Japan 2003 Clover Heart's
Alawar Novosibirsk, Russia 1999 Beholder (video game)
Do Not Feed the Monkeys
Farm Frenzy
video game developer, marketer, and distributor
AliceSoft Japan 1989 Tournament of the Gods
AlphaDream Tokyo, Japan 2000 Koto Battle: Tengai no Moribito no longer publishes video games
ADK Ageo, Saitama, Japan 1980 Exciting Soccer known as Alpha Denshi Corporation in 1993; defunct 2003
Alchemist Tokyo, Japan 1991 Baldr Force defunct 2016
All in! Games Kraków, Poland 2018 Chernobylite (PS4, Xbox One)
Alligata Sheffield, UK 1983 Blagger acquired by Superior Software in 1987
Allumer Tokyo, Japan 1983 Blandia defunct 1999
Alten8 Luton, England, UK 2005 Space Tanks video game developer
Alternative Software Castleford, UK 1985 Count Duckula
Amazon Games Seattle, Washington, United States 2012 The Grand Tour Game software publishing arm of Amazon
American Game Cartridges Chandler, Arizona, United States 1990 Chillder defunct 1994
American Laser Games Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States 1989 Mad Dog McCree acquired by its former division, Her Interactive, in 1999
American Video Entertainment San Jose, California, United States 1990 Wally Bear and the NO! Gang published last game in 1994
Amplitude Studios Paris, France 2011 Endless Space acquired by Sega in 2016 and their games are now published by Sega
Amsoft Brentwood, Essex, UK 1984 various Amstrad CPC games publishing arm of Amstrad until 1989
ANALOG Software Worcester, Massachusetts, United States 1981 various Atari 8-bit games software publishing arm of ANALOG Computing; defunct 1989
Antic Software Marion, Ohio, United States 1982 Caverns of Mars II software publishing arm of Antic; defunct 1990
APF Electronics Inc. New York City, United States 1970 APF TV Fun defunct 1983
Apogee Software United States 2008 video game developer
Apple Inc. Cupertino, California, United States 1976 Lemonade Stand known as Apple Computer until 2007
Aquaplus Osaka, Japan 1994 Utawarerumono
AQ Interactive Tokyo, Japan 2005 Bullet Witch Merged into Marvelous Entertainment in 2011
Arcadia Systems Costa Mesa, California, United States 1987 Silver Surfer division of Mastertronic; defunct 1991
Arcen Games Durham, North Carolina, United States 2009 AI War series
A Valley Without Wind series
The Last Federation
Arc System Works Tokyo, Japan 1988 BlazBlue series
Guilty Gear series
video game developer
Argus Press UK 1966 Nether Earth published games through its Argus Press Software division, which was acquired in 1987 and renamed Grandslam Entertainment
Arika Tokyo, Japan 1995 Technicbeat video game developer
Ariolasoft Germany 1983 software publishing arm of Ariola Records; reëstablished as United Software in 1990
Armor Games United States 2005 published flash titles before branching out into mobile, PC, and console markets
Arsys Software Tokyo, Japan 1985 Star Cruiser defunct 2001
Artdink Tokyo, Japan 1986 A-Train
Artic Computing Brandesburton, UK 1980 Bear Bovver defunct 1986
Arush Entertainment Scottsdale, Arizona, United States 1999 Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project acquired by HIP Interactive in 2004; defunct 2005
Arxel Tribe Slovenia 1989 The Legend of the Prophet and the Assassin last game published in 2003
Ascaron Gütersloh, Germany 1992 The Patrician known as Ascom until 1996; defunct 2009; most assets acquired by Kalypso Media
ASC Games Darien, Connecticut, United States 1992 Sanitarium defunct 2000
Asmik Corporation of America Japan 1985 merged with Ace Entertainment
Aspyr Media Austin, Texas, United States 1996 acquired by Embracer Group in 2021
Astragon Düsseldorf, Germany 2000 Family Park Tycoon
Atari, Inc Sunnyvale, California, United States 1972 Pong
bought by Warner Bros. in 1976; closed 1984, assets split between Atari Corporation and Atari Games
Atari Corp. Sunnyvale, California, United States 1984 Electrocop founded as Tramel Technology, Ltd. in 1984; acquired Atari name shortly thereafter; reverse-merged with JMS Inc. in 1996
Atari Games Milpitas, California, United States 1984 Gauntlet published console games under the Tengen label; subsidiary of Time Warner until acquisition by WMS Industries in 1996, which spun it off as a subsidiary of Midway Games in 1998; renamed to Midway Games West at the same time; dissolved in 2003
Atari, SA Paris, France 2003 Enter the Matrix
Unreal Tournament 2004
Star Trek Online
formerly GT Interactive Software, became full subsidiary of Atari, SA in 2008
Athena Japan 1987 Sword Master no longer publishes video games
Atlantis Software London, England, UK 1984 Cops 'n' Robbers defunct 1992
Artech Digital Entertainment Ottawa, Ontario, Canada 1982 Mystery at the Museums defunct 2011
ASCII Corporation Tokyo, Japan 1977 acquired by Kadokawa Group Holdings in 2004
Atlus Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan 1986 Persona series
Devil Survivor series
video game developer; purchased by Sega in 2013
Attic Entertainment Software Albstadt, Germany 1990 The Oath defunct 2001
Audiogenic Limited Reading, Berkshire, UK 1975 various Commodore PET games defunct 1985; reformed as Audiogenic Software Ltd
August Japan 2001 Princess Holiday
Auran Development Helensvale, Queensland, Australia 1995 SpellForce: The Order of Dawn now known as N3V Games
Automata UK Portsmouth, Hampshire, England, UK 1977 Deus Ex Machina defunct 1985
Autumn Games New York City, United States 2007 Skullgirls focused on providing publishing services for independent developers for digital platforms
Avalon Hill Renton, Washington, United States 1954 Achtung Spitfire! acquired by Hasbro in 1998
Aventuras AD Spain 1987 various text adventure games defunct 1992
Aventurine SA Athens, Greece 2002 Darkfall video game developer
BAM! Entertainment San Jose, California, United States 1999 Bujingai dormant since 2004
Bandai Games Shinagawa, Tokyo, Japan 1950 video game operations merged with Namco as Namco Bandai Games; no longer publishes video games
Bandai Namco Entertainment Shinagawa, Tokyo, Japan 1955 Naruto: Ultimate Ninja
Banpresto Shinagawa, Tokyo, Japan 1977 acquired by Namco Bandai Holdings; no longer publishes video games
BBC Multimedia London, England, UK 1995 Doctor Who: Destiny of the Doctors defunct 2005
Beagle Bros San Diego, California, United States 1980 Beagle Bag defunct 1991
Bergsala Lightweight Tokyo, Japan 1995 Apron of Magic
Berkeley Systems Berkeley, California, United States 1987 You Don't Know Jack acquired by Sierra in 1997; defunct 2000
Bethesda Softworks Rockville, Maryland, United States 1986 Fallout 3, 4 and New Vegas
Elder Scrolls
Wolfenstein: The New Order
The Evil Within
Doom (2016)
video game developer; acquired by Microsoft in 2020
Beyond Software United Kingdom 1983 Lords of Midnight acquired by Telecomsoft in 1985
Big Fish Games Seattle, Washington, United States 2002 Virtual Villagers acquired by Aristocrat Technologies in 2018
Big Five Software Van Nuys, California, United States 1980 Miner 2049er defunct 1984
Black Bean Games Gazzada Schianno, Italy 2004 SBK-07: Superbike World Championship merged with Milestone S.r.l. in 2012
Blue Byte Düsseldorf, Germany 1988 The Settlers video game developer; acquired by Ubisoft and their games are now published by Ubisoft
Broderbund United States 1980 Myst
Prince of Persia
acquired by Ubisoft, eventually sold to The Learning Company; no longer publishes video games
Black Legend Welwyn, UK 1993 Football Glory defunct 1996
Blizzard Entertainment Irvine, California, United States 1991 Diablo series
StarCraft series
Warcraft series
Heroes of the Storm
video game developer; acquired by Davidson & Associates in 1994, renamed from Silicon & Synapse; acquired by CUC International in 1996, which merged into Cendant in 1997 and was sold to Havas in 1998; acquired by Vivendi and become part of Vivendi Games group in 1998 merged into Activision Blizzard in 2008
Blue Ribbon Doncaster, UK 1985 3D Dotty label of CDS Micro Systems; defunct 1991
Bohemia Interactive Prague, Czech Republic 1999 ARMA series
Box Office, Inc. St; paul, Minnesota, United States 1987 ALF: The First Adventure published last game in 1989
Brash Entertainment Hollywood, California, United States 2007 Jumper: Griffin's Story defunct 2008
Broccoli Tokyo, Japan 1994 First Kiss Story II
Bug-Byte Liverpool, UK 1980 Manic Miner
Bubble Bus Software Tonbridge, Kent, UK 1982 Starquake defunct 1989
BudgeCo California, United States 1981 Raster Blaster defunct 1983
Bullet-Proof Software Japan 1980 The Black Onyx defunct
Bungie Bellevue, Washington 1991 Destiny
Marathon Trilogy
video game developer; formerly a subsidiary of Microsoft; formerly had a publishing deal with Activision
C&E Taipei, Taiwan 1990 Super Fighter no longer publishes video games
California Dreams California, United States 1987 Blockout publishing label of Logical Design Works; defunct 1991
California Pacific Computer Company Davis, California, United States 1979 Akalabeth: World of Doom defunct 1983
Camerica Chicago, Illinois 1988
Canal+ Multimedia France 1984 Paris 1313 publishing arm of the Canal+ Group; no longer publishes video games
Candy Soft Japan 1996 Tsuyokiss
Capcom Osaka, Japan 1979 Mega Man
Street Fighter
Resident Evil
Devil May Cry
video game developer
Capstone Software Miami, Florida, United States 1984 William Shatner's TekWar subsidiary of IntraCorp; defunct 1996
Carry Lab Japan 1981 various PC-88, FM-7, and MSX games defunct
Casady & Greene United States 1984 Sky Shadow defunct 2003
Cases Computer Simulations London, England, UK 1982 Arnhem published last game in 1994
Cave Tokyo, Japan 1994 DoDonPachi SaiDaiOuJou
Cavedog Entertainment Bothell, Washington, United States 1995 Total Annihilation defunct 2000
CBS Electronics United States 1982 K-Razy Shoot-Out closed in 1984
CD Projekt Red Warsaw, Poland 1994 The Witcher series
CDS Software Doncaster, UK 1982 European Superleague reformed as iDigicon Ltd in 2002
CDV Software Entertainment AG Bruchsal, Germany 1989 defunct 2010
Centuri Hialeah, Florida, United States 1969 Vanguard known as Allied Leisure until 1980; defunct 1985
ChessBase Hamburg, Germany 1986 various chess programs
Cinemax Prague, Czech Republic 1998 Memento Mori
CI Games Warsaw, Poland 2002 Sniper: Ghost Warrior video game developer; also known as City Interactive
Cinematronics El Cajon, California, United States 1975 Dragon's Lair acquired by Tradewest in 1987 and renamed to Leland Corporation
Cinemaware Burlingame, California, United States 1985 Defender of the Crown defunct 1991; reëstablished as Cinemaware Inc. in 2000
Circus Hasuda, Saitama, Japan 2000 Suika
Club Kidsoft Los Gatos, California, United States 1992 various edutainment games defunct
The Coca-Cola Company Atlanta, Georgia 1886 Pepsi Invaders no longer publishes video games
Codemasters Warwickshire, UK 1985 Overlord video game developer; acquired by Electronic Arts in 2021
Coktel Vision Paris, France 1985 Emmanuelle acquired by Sierra in 1993
Coleco United States 1932 video game console (ColecoVision and Telstar) and video game developer; revived in 2005, after being defunct since 1988
Color Dreams United States 1988 video game developer
CommaVid Aurora, Illinois, United States 1981 Video Life defunct 1983
Commercial Data Systems Emerald Park, Saskatchewan, Canada 1982 Frantic Freddie exited the video game industry in 1990
Commodore West Chester, Pennsylvania, United States 1954 Radar Rat Race defunct 1994
Compile Japan 1982 defunct 2003
Compile Heart Tokyo, Japan 2006 Record of Agarest War subsidiary of Idea Factory
CompuServe Columbus, Ohio, United States 1969 Island of Kesmai defunct 2009
Computer and Video Games Bath, Somerset, England, UK 1981 The Thompson Twins Adventure label of Future Publishing; also known as C&VG, CVG, or C+VG; defunct 2004
Conspiracy Entertainment Santa Monica, California, United States 1997 video game developer
Core Design Derby, England, UK 1988 Corporation acquired by Eidos Interactive in 1996; defunct 2010
Cosmi Corporation Carson, California, United States 1982 Forbidden Forest, The President is Missing
Crave Entertainment Newport Beach, California, United States 1997
Creative Computing United States 1974 various Atari 8-bit games defunct 1985
Creatures Tokyo, Japan 1995 Chee-Chai Alien no longer publishes video games
Crimson Cow Hamburg, Germany 2002 A Vampyre Story
CRL Group London, England, UK 1982 Tau Ceti published last game in 1989
Cronosoft UK 2002 various homebrew ZX Spectrum games
Culture Brain Excel Tokyo, Japan 1980
Cryo Interactive Paris, France 1989 Seven Games of the Soul defunct 2002; assets acquired by Dreamcatcher Interactive
Crystal Computing Manchester, UK 1982 Halls of the Things reëstablished as Design Design in 1984
Crystal Dynamics Redwood City, California, United States 1992 Gex video game developer; acquired by Eidos Interactive (later Square Enix Europe) and their games are now published by Square Enix
Crytek Frankfurt, Germany 1999 Robinson: The Journey video game developer
Crytivo Games San Diego, California, United States 2013 The Universim and many other indie games of different genres
Cyberdreams Calabasas, California, United States 1990 Dark Seed defunct 1997
Cybersoft North Miami Beach, Florida 1994 Air Cavalry label of GameTek; last game published in 1995
D3 Publisher Tokyo, Japan 1996
Daedalic Entertainment Hamburg, Germany 2007 Edna & Harvey: The Breakout
DarXabre The Netherlands 2001 Hooligans: Storm Over Europe defunct
Datamost Chatsworth, California, United States 1981 Aztec defunct 1985
Datam Polystar Tokyo, Japan 1990 Cacoma Knight no longer publishes video games
Datasoft Chatsworth, California, United States 1980 Bruce Lee reformed as IntelliCreations in 1987
Data Age California, United States 1982 Journey Escape defunct 1983
Data Becker Düsseldorf, Germany 1980 America defunct 2014
Data East Tokyo, Japan 1976
Davidson & Associates Torrance, California, United States 1983 Math Blaster! acquired by CUC International in 1996; defunct 1999
Davilex Games Houten, The Netherlands 1997 A2 Racer ceased publishing video games in 2005
Davka Chicago, Illinois, United States 1982 various Apple II games no longer publishes video games
Daybreak Game Company California, United States 1995 DC Universe Online video game developer; formerly known as Sony Online Entertainment; acquired by Enad Global 7 in 2020
dB-SOFT Sapporo, Japan 1980 Flappy defunct 2001
Deep Silver Munich, Germany 2002 Metro series
Saints Row series
S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series
label of Koch Media; purchased video game developer Volition and the Metro franchise from THQ in 2013; acquired by THQ Nordic in 2018
Delphine Software International Paris, France 1988 Future Wars defunct 2004
Delta 4 UK 1984 Bored of the Rings defunct 1992
Destination Software Moorestown, New Jersey, United States 2001 Snood used the label DSI Games; acquired by GreenScreen Interactive Software in 2008
Destineer Minnesota, United States 2000 video game developer; publishes under the Bold Games, MacSoft, and Atomic Games labels
Devolver Digital Austin, Texas, United States 2008
Digital Fantasia Blackpool, UK 1982 Perseus and Andromeda ceased publishing in 1983; defunct 1991
Digital Integration Camberley, Surrey, UK 1982 ATF acquired by Titus Interactive in 1998; defunct 2005
Digital Jesters Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire, England, UK 2003 Chaos League defunct 2006
Digital Leisure Aurora, Ontario, Canada 1997 various DVD games
Digital Pictures San Mateo, California, United States 1991 Corpse Killer defunct 1996
Dinamic Multimedia Madrid, Spain 1993 PC Fútbol defunct 2001
Dinamic Software Spain 1983 After the War video game developer; defunct 1992
Disney Interactive Studios Glendale, California, United States 1988 defunct 2016
DK'Tronics Saffron Walden, UK 1981 3D Tanx defunct 1993
Domark London, England, UK 1984 3D Construction Kit merged with Big Red Software, Simis, and Eidos Technologies to form Eidos Interactive in 1996
Double Fine San Francisco, California, US 2000 acquired by Microsoft in 2019
Dovetail Games Chatham, Kent, England, UK 2008 Train Simulator
Dragon Data Wales, UK 1980 various Dragon 32/64 games division of Mettoy; defunct 1984
DreamCatcher Games Toronto, Ontario, Canada 1996 acquired by JoWooD Productions; folded into Nordic Games in 2011
DreamWorks Interactive Los Angeles, California, United States 1995 The Neverhood joint venture between DreamWorks and Microsoft; acquired by Electronic Arts in 2000
DROsoft Madrid, Spain 1986 various ZX Spectrum games acquired by Electronic Arts in 1994
Dtp entertainment Hamburg, Germany 1995
Dynamic Planning Tokyo, Japan 1974 Shien's Revenge known as Dynamic Kikaku; no longer publishes video games
Dynamix Eugene, Oregon, United States 1984 David Wolf: Secret Agent acquired by Sierra in 1990; defunct 2001
EasyGameStation Japan 2001 Chantelise - A Tale of Two Sisters
Ecole Software Nishinomiya, Japan 1989 Death Crimson OX no longer publishes video games
Edge Games Pasadena, California, United States 1990 successor to Softek International Ltd
Edu-Ware Agoura Hills, California, United States 1979 The Prisoner defunct 1985
eGames Langhorne, Pennsylvania, United States 1992 Darwinia published games under the Cinemaware Marquee label; acquired by Tamino Minerals in 2012
Electric Dreams Software Southampton, England, UK 1985 Firetrack defunct 1989
Electronic Arts Redwood City, California, United States 1982 Battlefield
Medal of Honor
The Sims
video game developer
Electronic Arts Victor Japan 1993 Mutant League Football joint venture of Electronic Arts and Victor Interactive; defunct 2003
Electro Brain Salt Lake City, Utah, United States 1990 Ghoul School defunct 1998
The Elektrik Keyboard Chicago, Illinois, United States 1978 Depth Charge ceased publishing video games in 1979
ELF Corporation Tokyo, Japan 1989 Dōkyūsei defunct 2015
Elite Systems Lichfield, UK 1984 Beyond the Ice Palace
Empire Interactive London, England, UK 1987 Big Mutha Truckers defunct 2009
English Software Manchester, UK 1982 Jet-Boot Jack defunct 1987
Enix Tokyo, Japan 1975 Dragon Warrior merged with Square as Square Enix
Enlight Software United States 1993 Restaurant Empire
Enterbrain Tokyo, Japan 1987 Tear Ring Saga division of Kadokawa Corporation; its game business was merged into Kadokawa Games in 2009
Durell Software Taunton, UK 1983 Saboteur exited the video game industry in 1987
Eighting Tokyo, Japan 1993 Battle Garegga acquired by COLOPL in 2016 no longer self-publishes video games
Electric Transit Thousand Oaks, California, United States 1985 Wilderness: A Survival Adventure defunct 1987
Emerald Software Waterford, Ireland 1988 various licensed games for the Commodore 64 and Amiga defunct 1991
Encore, Inc. Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States 1994 Torchlight acquired by Speed Commerce in 2002, WYNIT Distribution LLC in 2014; encore acquired Viva Media
Entertainment Software Publishing Japan 1997 Bangai-O known as ESP; acquired by D3 Publisher, which continued to use it as a label until 2010
En Masse Entertainment Seattle, Washington, United States 2010 TERA subsidiary of Krafton Game Union; closed in 2020[1]
Eolith Seoul, South Korea 1996 various arcade games defunct 2005
Eon Digital Entertainment London, England, UK 2000 Airfix Dogfighter defunct 2002
Epic Games Potomac, Maryland, United States 1991 Epic Pinball


Jill of the Jungle


video game developer; known as Potomac Computer Systems until 1992, and Epic MegaGames until 1999
Epoch Co. Tokyo, Japan 1958 Barcode Battler no longer publishes video games
Epyx Chappaqua, New York, United States 1978 Dunjonquest series
Crush, Crumble and Chomp!
various Olympics-themed games
video game developer
ERE Informatique France 1981 Macadam Bumper acquired by Infogrames in 1987
ESA (formerly Softmax) South Korea 1994 Magna Carta: The Phantom of Avalanche left from game business
Europress Bath, England, UK 1965 Titanic: Adventure Out of Time acquired by Hasbro Interactive in 1999
Eushully Sapporo, Japan 1998 various eroge team within Arkham Products until 2005; label of Eukleia since then
Examu Tokyo, Japan 1999 Arcana Heart known as Yuki Enterprise until 2007
Exidy Sunnyvale, California, United States 1974 Mouse Trap, Venture defunct 1989
f&C Japan 1987 Saori known as Ides until 1997; published games under the FairyTale and Cocktail Soft labels until then
FASA United States 1980 ended video game development and publishing 2012
Fabtek Redmond, Washington, United States 1987 Cabal defunct 1999
Fandom 2004
Fairchild Semiconductor Sunnyvale, California, United States 1957 various Fairchild Channel F games initially a division of Fairchild Camera and Instrument; acquired by Schlumberger in 1979, then by National Semiconductor in 1987; regained independence in 1997; acquired by ON Semiconductor in 2016
Family Soft Tokyo, Japan 1987 Mad Stalker: Full Metal Force
Fantasy Software Cheltenham, UK 1983 various ZX Spectrum games defunct 1985
Faster Than Light UK 1986 Hydrofool label of Gargoyle Games; defunct 1989
Fathammer Finland 2002 acquired by Telcogames in 2006
Firebird Software London, England, UK 1983 Elite defunct 1989 upon MicroProse's acquisition of Telecomsoft
First Star Software Chappaqua, New York, United States 1982 Boulder Dash acquired by BBG Entertainment in 2018 and their games are now published by BBG Entertainment
Feral Interactive London, England, UK 1999 publishes Macintosh and Linux games
Fill-in-Cafe Japan 1987 known as Team Cross Wonder until 1989; defunct 1998
Fisher Price East Aurora, New York, United States 1930 various Atari 8-bit and Colecovision games acquired by Mattel in 1993 no longer publishes video games
Fishtank Interactive Ravensburg, Germany 2000 AquaNox publishing Label of Ravensburger Interactive; acquired alongside parent by JoWooD Productions in 2002
Flair Software Newcastle upon Tyne, UK 1990 Elvira: The Arcade Game last game published in 1999
Flight-Plan Gifu, Japan 1989 Sacred Blaze defunct 2010
Flying Edge Glen Cove, New York, United States 1992 The Simpsons: Bart vs. the Space Mutants label of Acclaim Entertainment; defunct 1994
Focus Entertainment Paris, France 1996 Pro Cycling Manager
Focus Multimedia Rugeley, UK 1995 various budget CD-ROM games Acquired by Fandom, Inc. in 2021
FormGen Scottsdale, Arizona, United States 1987 Space Dude acquired by GT Interactive in 1996
The Fourth Dimension UK 1989 Apocalypse known as The 4th Dimension or 4D; defunct 2004
Fox Interactive Los Angeles, California, United States 1982 Croc
Die Hard Trilogy
video game developer; acquired by Activision Blizzard
Freeverse Software New York City, United States 1994 Project Nomads acquired by Ngmoco in 2010
French Bread Tokyo, Japan 1998 Glove on Fight formerly known as Watanabe Seisakusho
Froggo Sunnyvale, California 1987 various Atari 2600 and 7800 games defunct 1989
FromSoftware Tokyo, Japan 1986 Dark Souls subsidiary of Kadokawa Corporation
Front Wing Japan 2000 Tea Society of a Witch
FTL Games San Diego, California, United States 1982 Dungeon Master defunct 1996
Fujisankei Communications International New York, New York, United States 1986 no longer publishes video games
Fujitsu Tokyo, Japan 1935 various FM Towns games no longer publishes video games
Full On Games Tokyo, Japan 1996 various Dreamcast games known as FOG
Funcom Oslo, Norway 1993 Age of Conan video game developer; acquired by Tencent in 2020[2]
Future Games Beroun, Czech Republic 1996 The Black Mirror defunct 2011
Fuuki Kyoto, Japan 1977 Asura Blade: Sword of Dynasty no longer publishes video games
G.rev Japan 2000 Border Down
Gaelco Barcelona, Spain 1981 Big Karnak dissolved in 2007
Game Designers' Workshop Normal, Illinois, United States 1973 The Battle of Chickamauga defunct 1996
Gaijinworks Redding, California, United States 2006 Miami Law
Gainax Tokyo, Japan 1984 Princess Maker no longer publishes video games
Gakken Tokyo, Japan 1947 Might and Magic Book One: The Secret of the Inner Sanctum no longer publishes video games
Game Basingstoke, England, UK 1992 Christmas Shopper Simulator
Gamecock Austin, Texas, United States 2007 acquired by SouthPeak Games
Gameloft Paris, France 2000 Asphalt Urban GT Acquired by Vivendi in 2016
Games by Apollo Richardson, Texas, United States 1981 Lost Luggage defunct 1983
Games Workshop Nottingham, UK 1975 Chaos ceased publishing video games in 1985
GameTek North Miami Beach, Florida, United States 1987 Wheel of Fortune publishing label of IJE; defunct 1998
Game Arts Tokyo, Japan 1985 Thexder acquired by GungHo Online Entertainment in 2005 and their games are now published by GungHo Online Entertainment
The Game Factory Aarhus, Denmark 2004 various licensed Game Boy Advance and Nintendo DS games defunct
Game Park South Korea 1996 various GP32 games defunct 2007
Game Studio Tokyo, Japan 1985 defunct 2015
Gargoyle Games Dudley, England, UK 1983 Tir Na Nog defunct 1987
Gathering of Developers Austin, Texas, United States 1998 Jazz Jackrabbit 2 acquired by Take Two Interactive in 2000; renamed to Gathering; defunct 2004
Gearbox Software Frisco, Texas, United States 1999 Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition acquired by Embracer Group in 2021.
General Entertainment Tokyo, Japan 1994 defunct 2011
Genki Tokyo, Japan 1990 Tokyo Xtreme Racer
Global Star Software Ontario, Canada 1992 publishing label of Take-Two Interactive, name retired
Gathering of Developers Texas, United States 1988 Tropico
acquired by Take-Two Interactive, name retired
Gebelli Software United States 1982 various Apple II games defunct 1984
Giga Japan 1993 Variable Geo
Gizmondo Sweden 2000 Sticky Balls known as Tiger Telematics until 2004; defunct 2006
Global A Entertainment Tokyo, Japan 1997 My World, My Way renamed to GAE, Inc. in 2009
Global VR San Jose, California, United States 1998 EA Sports NASCAR Racing
GN Software Japan 2003 Ren'ai CHU! label of Good Navigate
GOG Ltd Warsaw, Poland 2008 digital distribution service
Gogii Games Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada 2006 video game developer
Gotham Games New York City, United States 2002 Conflict: Desert Storm label of Take-Two Interactive; defunct 2003
Gottlieb Chicago, Illinois, United States 1927 Q*bert defunct 1996
Got Game Entertainment Weston, Connecticut, United States 2002 ARMA 2
Grandslam Entertainment Croydon, Surrey, UK 1987 Reunion defunct 1995
Graphsim Entertainment Addison, Texas 1992 Hellcats Over the Pacific known as Graphic Simulations
Gravity Seoul, Republic of Korea 2013 Ragnarok Online
Ragnarok Online 2: Legend of the Second
video game developer; subsidy of GungHo Online Entertainment
Great Wave Software Scotts Valley, California, United States 1984 various edutainment games defunct
Gremlin Industries San Diego, California, United States 1973 Blockade acquired by Bally in 1984
Gremlin Interactive Sheffield, England, UK 1984 acquired by Atari, SA née Infogrames, name retired
Grolier Interactive Inc New York City, United States 1982 Golden Gate Killer known as Grolier Electronic Publishing Inc until 1996; acquired by Scholasttic in 1999
Groove Games Toronto, Ontario, Canada 2001 Pariah defunct 2009
GSC World Publishing Kyiv, Ukraine 2004
GTE Interactive Media Carlsbad, California, United States 1990 Titanic: Adventure Out of Time software publishing arm of GTE; defunct 1997
GT Interactive New York City, United States 1993 Blood acquired by Atari, SA née Infogrames
GungHo Online Entertainment Tokyo, Japan 1998 Ragnarok DS
Gust Co. Ltd. Nagano, Japan 1993 acquired by Koei Tecmo in 2011 and their games are now published by Koei Tecmo
Hacker International Japan 1990 Menace Beach defunct 2001
HAL Laboratory Tokyo, Japan 1980 Eggerland no longer publishes video games
Hamster Corporation Tokyo, Japan 1999 Shienryu
HanbitSoft South Korea 1999 StarCraft (KR) acquired by T3 Entertainment
Hasbro Interactive California, United States 1995 Monopoly
RollerCoaster Tycoon
assets acquired by Atari, SA née Infogrames in 2000, no staff retained
Hect Japan 1988 Firestriker defunct 2002
HeR Interactive Bellevue, Washington, United States 1995 Nancy Drew video game developer
Heureka-Klett Germany 1996 Opera Fatal defunct
Hex London, England, UK 1990 Top Banana defunct 1999
Hi Tech Expressions United States 1988
Hewson Consultants UK 1981 Pinball Dreams defunct 1991
Hirameki Diamond Bar, California, United States 2000 Ever17 ceased publishing video games in 2008
Hodder & Stoughton London, England, UK 1868 The Rats no longer publishes video games
Home Entertainment Suppliers Sydney, Australia 1984 Raid 2020 known as HES
HopeLab Redwood City, California, United States 2001 Re-Mission
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Boston, Massachusetts, United States 1832 Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? Treasures of Knowledge publishes games through its software division, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Learning Technology, which was known as Riverdeep PLC until its acquisition of Houghton Mifflin in 2006, and then as Houghton Mifflin Riverdeep Group until 2007
Hudson Soft Minato, Tokyo, Japan 1973 Bomberman
Adventure Island
video game developer; acquired by Konami
Human Engineered Software Brisbane, California, United States 1980 Project Space Station acquired by Avant Garde Publishing Corp. in 1984
Human Entertainment Tokyo, Japan 1983 Fire Pro Wrestling defunct 2000
Humble Bundle San Francisco, California, US 2010 A Hat in Time acquired by IGN Entertainment
HummingBirdSoft Japan 1982 Laplace no Ma defunct
Humongous Entertainment City of Industry, California, United States 1992 Putt-Putt defunct 2006; since reëstablished but no longer self-publishes
IBM Armonk, New York, United States 1911 Alley Cat
Iceberg Interactive Haarlem, The Netherlands 2009 Killing Floor
APB: Reloaded
Endless Space
ICOM Simulations Wheeling, Illinois, United States 1981 Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective acquired by Viacom New Media in 1993, reformed as Rabid Entertainment in 1997, and closed in 1998
Idea Factory Tokyo, Japan 1994 Black Stone: Magic & Steel
id Software Richardson, Texas, United States 1991 Heretic acquired by ZeniMax Media in 2009
Ignition Entertainment Essex, England, UK 2002 acquired by The Walt Disney Company
Illusion Soft Yokohama, Japan 2001 RapeLay
Imageepoch Tokyo, Japan 2005 Black Rock Shooter: The Game defunct 2015
Image Works UK 1988 Bloodwych label of Mirrorsoft; last game published in 1991
Imagic California, United States 1981 various Atari 2600 games
various early consoles games
video game developer
Imagine Software Liverpool, England, UK 1982 Arcadia, Alchemist defunct 1984; rights bought by Ocean Software, which continued to use the Imagine name as a label on some games
Impressions Games Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States 1989 Global Domination acquired by Sierra in 1995; defunct 2004
Incentive Software Reading, Berkshire, UK 1983 Driller reformed as Superscape in 1992
Incredible Technologies Vernon Hills, United States 1985 Golden Tee Golf
index+ France 1992 various adventure games merged with France Telecom Multimedia in 2000 to become Wanadoo Edition
indiePub Entertainment Cincinnati, Ohio, United States 2008
Infocom Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States 1979 Zork series acquired by Activision, name retired
Infogrames Lyon, France, France 1983 (Renamed Atari, SA)
Innerprise Software Hunt Valley, Maryland, United States 1989 Battle Squadron defunct 1992
Inscape Los Angeles, United States 1994 Bad Day on the Midway
Drowned God
acquired by Graphix Zone in early 1997, which ceased operations in November 1997
Intellivision Entertainment United States 1997 Intellivision Lives!
Interactive Magic Cary, North Carolina, United States 1994 Capitalism changed name to iEntertainment Network in 1999
Interceptor Micros Tadley, UK 1982 The Heroes Of Karn video game developer; defunct 1992
Interchannel Tokyo, Japan 1995 Puyo Puyo 2 subsidiary of NEC until 2004 no longer publishes video games
Interplay Entertainment Beverly Hills, California, United States 1983 Fallout
video game developer; acquired by Titus Interactive, closed and reopened as an independent publisher
Introversion Software Walton-on-Thames, UK 2001 Uplink
INTV Corporation United States 1984 various Intellivision games defunct 1990
inXile Entertainment Newport Beach, California, United States 2002 video game developer; acquired by Microsoft in 2018
iQue Suzhou, China 2002 various iQue games joint venture between Wei Yen and Nintendo
Irem Tokyo, Japan 1997 video game developer; dissolved video game subsidiary in 2011
ITE Media Copenhagen, Denmark 1998 Hugo software publishing arm of Interactive Television Entertainment; acquired by NDS Group in 2006; defunct 2010
Jaleco Japan 1974 video game developer
JAST USA San Diego, California, United States 1996 Season of the Sakura
Jester Interactive Wales, UK 1997 Suzuki TT Superbikes
Johnson & Johnson New Brunswick, New Jersey, United States 1886 Tooth Protectors no longer publishes video games
JoWooD Productions Liezen, Austria 1995 folded into Nordic Games in 2011
JumpStart Games (formerly Knowledge Adventure) Los Angeles, California, United States 1989 Undersea Adventure acquired by NetDragon Websoft
K2 Network (Gamersfirst) Irvine, California, United States 2001 War Rock
Sword 2
APB: Reloaded
Knight Online
Fallen Earth
merged with Reloaded Games; reloaded Games no longer publishes games, and their publishing title is now published by GamersFirst.[3]
Kalisto Entertainment Bordeaux, France 1990 S.C.OUT label of Atreid Concept until 1996, when it became the name of the company as a whole; defunct 2002
Kalypso Media Worms, Germany 2006 Imperium Romanum
Kaneko Tokyo, Japan 1980
Kaypro San Diego, California, United States 1981 Ladder defunct 1992; reëstablished in 1999; defunct again in 2001
Kee Games California, United States 1973 Tank defunct 1978
Kemco Japan 1984 Top Gear video game developer
King Games Miami, Florida 2006 Sneak King label of Burger King used for a 2006 advergame promotion
KID Tokyo, Japan 1988 Infinity Cure defunct 2006
Kingsoft Aachen, Germany 1983 acquired by Electronic Arts in 1983; defunct 2000
King Records Tokyo, Japan 1931 Jesus: Kyōfu no Bio Monster no longer publishes video games
Koch Media Germany 1994 Dead Island bought by THQ Nordic February 2018
Kodansha Tokyo, Japan 1938 Blue Almanac no longer publishes video games
Koei Ashikaga, Tochigi, Japan 1976 Dynasty Warriors video game developer; merged into Tecmo Koei
Koei Tecmo Japan 2009 changed name from Tecmo Koei in 2014
Kogado Studio Tokyo, Japan 1916 Cosmic Soldier
Konami Tokyo, Japan 1969 Castlevania
Metal Gear
Silent Hill
Krisalis Software Rotherham, England, UK 1987 Soccer Kid defunct 2001
KSS Japan 1990 Majyūō exited the video game industry in 2001
Kure Software Koubou Japan 1985 known as KSK
Lankhor Paris, France 1987 Mortville Manor defunct 2001
Le Lombard Belgium 1946 Thorgal: Curse of Atlantis no longer publishes video games
Legacy Interactive Hollywood, California, United States 1998 video game developer
Legendo Entertainment Gothenburg, Sweden 1998 Pure Pinball known as Iridon Interactive until 2005
Legend Entertainment Chantilly, Virginia, United States 1989 Spellcasting acquired by GT Interactive in 1998; defunct 2004
Lego Interactive London, England, UK 1996 Lego Loco publishing arm of Lego Group; known as Lego Media until 2000, and Lego Software until 2002; defunct 2005
Leland Corporation El Cajon, California, United States 1987 Dragon's Lair II: Time Warp renamed to Leland Interactive Media in 1993; acquired by WMS Industries in 1994
Level-5 Fukuoka, Japan 1998 Yo-kai Watch
Level 9 Computing UK 1981 Jewels of Darkness defunct 1991
Limited Run Games Raleigh, North Carolina, United States 2015 Dust: An Elysian Tail
Linux Game Publishing Nottingham, England, UK 2001 inactive
Lighthouse Interactive Haarlem, The Netherlands 2005 LocoMania acquired by SilverBirch Inc. in 2008; defunct 2009
LJN New York City, United States 1970 acquired by Acclaim Entertainment
LK Avalon Świlcza, Poland 1989 Hans Kloss
Llamasoft Wales, UK 1981 Attack of the Mutant Camels
Lock 'n Load Publishing Pueblo, Colorado, US 2006
Logotron Ltd Cambridge, England, UK 1987 XOR published last game in 1990
Loki Software Tustin, California, United States 1998
Loriciel France 1983 Jim Power in Mutant Planet defunct 1995
LucasArts San Francisco, California, United States 1982 Monkey Island
Maniac Mansion
Indiana Jones
Star Wars
acquired by The Walt Disney Company (originally Lucasfilm Games LLC) and they changed from publisher to licensor
Lump of Sugar Japan 2005 Nursery Rhyme
MacPlay Dallas, Texas, United States 1993 various Macintosh games label of Interplay until 1997; revived in 2000 as a label of United Developers
MacSoft Plymouth, Minnesota, United States 1993 various Macintosh games acquired by Destineer in 2003
Mad Catz San Diego, California, United States 1989 MC Groovz Dance Craze defunct 2017
Magical Company Kobe, Japan 1985 Kōshien no longer publishes video games
Mages (formerly 5pb.) Tokyo, Japan 2005 Memories Off Acquired by Colopl in 2020
Magnavox Napa, California, United States 1911 Magnavox Odyssey video game developer; acquired by Philips in 1974; exited the video game industry in 1984
Mr Chip Software Chester, UK 1982 various Commodore 64 games ceased publishing video games in 1984; changed name to Magnetic Fields in 1988
magnussoft Kesselsdorf, Germany 1984
Mandarin Software Adlington, UK 1988 Lancelot publishing label of Europress Software; last game published in 1990
MangaGamer Japan 2009 various visual novels
Martech Pevensey Bay, UK 1982 Rex ceased publishing video games in 1989
Majesco Entertainment Edison, New Jersey, United States 1986 Cooking Mama exited the video game industry in 2016
Marvelous Tokyo, Japan 2011 video game developer
Marvelous Entertainment Tokyo, Japan 1997 Harvest Moon DS merged with AQ Interactive in 2011 to become Marvelous AQL (later Marvelous)
Masaya Japan 1985 Target Earth label of NCS until 2014, and of Extreme since then
Mastertronic UK 1983 One Man and His Droid, Master of Magic merged with Virgin Interactive in 1988, and subsequently absorbed into Sega in 1991
Mastiff San Francisco, California 2002 video game developer
Matrix Games Staten Island, New York, United States 2000 Distant Worlds merged into Slitherine Software in 2010 and their games are published by Slitherine
Mattel El Segundo, California, United States 1945 Astrosmash exited the video game business in 1984
Maximum Games Walnut Creek, California, United States 2009 Deer Drive Legends
JASF: Jane's Advanced Strike Fighters
Worms Collection
formerly Maximum Family Games; acquired by Zordix AB, which has the Zordix Publishing label, in 2021
Maxis Emeryville, California, United States 1987 SimCity series
The Sims series
acquired by Electronic Arts and is now its development division; their games are now published by Electronic Arts or EA Mobile
Max Design Schladming, Austria 1991 1869 defunct 2004
MC2 France Paris, France 2003 Sniper Elite currently publishes under the Microids label
MC Lothlorien UK 1982 Micro Mouse Goes Debugging defunct 1990
MECC Brooklyn Center, Minnesota, United States 1973 The Oregon Trail defunct 1999
MediaWorks Tokyo, Japan 1992 Emerald Dragon merged with ASCII Corporation in 2008 to become ASCII MediaWorks; in 2009, its game business was merged into Kadokawa Games
Media Factory Tokyo, Japan 1986 Derby Stallion 64 label of Recruit until 2011, and of Kadokawa Corporation since then; no longer publishes video games
Media Rings Tokyo, Japan 1989 Zero4 Champ defunct 2007
Mega Enterprise Seoul, South Korea 1998 Call of Duty defunct 2007
Megatech Software California, United States 1992 Knights of Xentar defunct 1997 or 1999
Melbourne House Melbourne, Australia 1977 Way of the Exploding Fist acquired by Krome Studios in 2006; closed in 2010
Meldac Japan 1990 Zombie Nation no longer publishes video games
Metro3D, Inc. San Jose, California, United States 1998 Dual Blades defunct 2004
Metropolis Software Warsaw, Poland 1992 Teenagent acquired by CD Projekt in 2008; defunct 2009
MGM Interactive United States 1995 Machine Hunter software publishing arm of Metro-Goldwyn-Meyer; defunct 2005
Microdeal St Austell, Cornwall, England, UK 1981 Goldrunner rights sold to HiSoft Systems in 1989
Microids France 1984 Blacksad: Under the Skin video game developer; subsidiary of Média-Participations
MicroIllusions Granada Hills, California, United States 1987 The Faery Tale Adventure last game published in 1989
Micronet co., Ltd. Sapporo, Japan 1982 Curse no longer publishes video games
MicroProse Hunt Valley, Maryland, United States 1982 X-Com acquired by Hasbro Interactive, name retired
Microsoft Redmond, Washington, United States 1975 Halo
Age of Empires
Gears of War

Black & White

publishes games under the Xbox Game Studios banner since 2019; owns publisher Bethesda Softworks
Microsphere London, England, UK 1982 Skool Daze defunct 1987
Microcabin Japan 1982 Xak: The Art of Visual Stage acquired by AQ Interactive in 2008, and by Fields Corporation in 2011
Micrografx Richardson, Texas, United States 1982 acquired by Corel in 2001
MicroGraphic Image United States 1983 Spelunker defunct 1984
Micro Genius Taipei, Taiwan 1989 defunct 1994
Micro Power Leeds, England, UK 1980 Castle Quest defunct 1987
Midway Games Chicago, Illinois, United States 1988 Mortal Kombat video game developer; assets acquired by Warner Bros. Interactive and THQ
Midway Manufacturing Chicago, Illinois, United States 1958 Spy Hunter video game developer; acquired by Bally in 1969; Bally/Midway was in turn acquired by Williams Electronics in 1987; reformed as Midway Games in 1988
Mikro-Gen Bracknell, UK 1981 Pyjamarama acquired by Creative Sparks Distribution in 1987
MileStone Inc. Tokyo, Japan 2003 Chaos Field closed in 2013
Millennium Interactive Cambridge, England, UK 1988 Cloud Kingdoms acquired by Sony Interactive Entertainment in 1997
Milton Bradley Company East Longmeadow, Massachusetts, United States 1860 Time Lord acquired by Hasbro in 1984; defunct 2009
Minato Soft Japan 2006 Kimi ga Aruji de Shitsuji ga Ore de publishes under the Whale label
Mindcraft Torrance, California, United States 1989 The Magic Candle last game published in 1993
Mindscape Novato, California, United States 1980 no longer publishes video games
Minori Japan 2001 Bittersweet Fools software division of CoMixWave until 2007
Mirrorsoft London, England, UK 1982 Tetris (Home computers) acquired by Acclaim Entertainment in 1992
Mitchell Corporation Tokyo, Japan 1960 Pang defunct 2012
Mode 7 Games East Sussex, England 2005 Frozen Synapse series
Tokyo 42
Modus Games Walnut Creek, California, United States 2018 Extinction indie publishing label of Maximum Games
Mojang Stockholm, Sweden 2009 Minecraft acquired by Microsoft in 2014
MonkeyPaw Games San Jose, California, United States 2011 Class of Heroes 2
Monolith Productions Kirkland, Washington, United States 1994 Get Medieval acquired by Warner Bros. in 2004
Monte Cristo Paris, France 1995 Cities XL defunct 2010
Moonstone Japan 2003 Gift publishes under the Moonstone Cherry label
Mosaic Publishing London, England, UK 1983 Erik the Viking defunct 1988
MOSS Tokyo, Japan 1993 Caladrius
Motown Games United States 1994 Rap Jam: Volume One software publishing arm of Motown; defunct 1996
Mountain King Studios Chicago, Illinois, United States 1992 DemonStar no longer publishes video games
MTO Yokohama, Japan 1996 GT Pro Series
MTV Games New York City, United States 2006 Rock Band
Mud Duck Productions Rockville, Maryland, United States 2002 Malice label of ZeniMax Media; defunct 2007
Muse Software Monrovia, Maryland, United States 1978 video game developer
MumboJumbo Dallas, Texas, United States 2001 7 Wonders of the Ancient World
Mystique United States 1982 Custer's Revenge offshoot of Caballero Control Corporation and American Multiple Industries; defunct 1983
Nacon (formerly Bigben Interactive SA) Lesquin, France 1981
Namco Tokyo, Japan 1955 Tekken
Ace Combat
Time Crisis
no longer publishes video games; video game division merged with Bandai's video game operations as Namco Bandai Games
Natsume Co Ltd Tokyo, Japan 1987 Abadox renamed to Natsume-Atari in 2013 following merger with subsidiary Atari
Natsume Inc Burlingame, California 1988 Harvest Moon division of Natsume Co Ltd until 1995
Navel Japan 2003 Shuffle! label of Omega Vision, Inc
Naxat Soft Tokyo, Japan 1988 Recca defunct 2015
NBCUniversal Midtown Manhattan, New York City 2004 the game publishing division will be closed in 2019[4]
NCsoft Seoul, South Korea 1997 Lineage
Guild Wars
NEC Corporation Tokyo, Japan 1899 Keith Courage in Alpha Zones exited the video game industry in 1998
Neko Entertainment Montreuil, France 1999 Super Army War defunct 2017
Netdragon Fuzhou, China 1997 video game developer
Netease Guangzhou, China 1997 Fantasy Westward Journey video game developer and online services company
New Generation Software UK 1982 Trashman defunct 1986
NewKidCo Manhattan, New York, United States 1998 E.T.: Interplanetary Mission defunct 2005
New World Computing Agoura Hills, California, United States 1984 Might and Magic
Heroes of Might and Magic
video game developer; purchased by 3DO
Nexon Seoul, South Korea 1994 Maplestory video game developer
Nihon Falcom Japan 1981 Dragon Slayer
Nintendo Kyoto, Japan 1889 Mario
Legend of Zelda
Animal Crossing
video game developer
Nippon Ichi Software Japan 1994 Disgaea series video game developer
Nihon Bussan Japan 1970 Crazy Climber
Terra Cresta
a.K.A. Nichibutsu
Nitroplus Tokyo, Japan 2000 Phantom of Inferno
Novagen Software Birmingham, England, UK 1983 Mercenary defunct 1992
Nokia Espoo, Finland 1865
Nordcurrent Vilnius, Lithuania 2002 Minon: Everyday Hero
NovaLogic Calabasas, California, United States 1985 Comanche acquired by THQ Nordic in 2016
NTDEC Taipei, Taiwan 1983 various unlicensed Famicom games defunct 1993
Nutting Associates Mountain View, California, United States 1965 Computer Space defunct 1976
O3 Entertainment Santa Clara, California, United States 2001
Ocean Software Manchester, UK 1984 various licensed Commodore 64 and Amiga games acquired by Infogrames
Ocean State Publishing Woonsocket, Rhode Island, United States 1990 label of Rhode Island Soft Systems; acquired by in 2003
Oculus Studios Irvine, California, United States 2014 Asgard's Wrath game publishing arm of Oculus VR
Odin Computer Graphics Liverpool, England, UK 1985 Nodes of Yesod defunct 1988, re-established in 2005
Opera Soft Spain 1986 The Last Mission defunct 1992
Orbital Media Calgary, Alberta, Canada 2003 Racing Gears Advance no longer publishes video games
Origin Systems Austin, Texas, United States 1983 Ultima
Wing Commander
video game developer; acquired by Electronic Arts
Orion Interactive United States 1996 defunct following acquisition by Metro-Goldwyn-Meyer in 1997
Out of the Park Developments Hollern-Twielenfleth, Germany 1999 Out of the Park Baseball Acquired by Com2uS in 2020
0verflow Tokyo, Japan 1997 School Days
Oxygen Games Northamptonshire, England, UK 2004 video game developer
OziSoft Sydney, Australia 1982 A Journey to the Centre of the Earth acquired by Infogrames in 1998, and Namco Bandai Games in 2009
Pacific Novelty United States 1980 The Amazing Adventures of Mr. F. Lea last game published in 1983
Pack-In-Video Japan 1970 Harvest Moon (Japanese release) acquired by Victor Entertainment in 1996; became Victor Interactive Software
Palace Software London, England, UK 1983 Barbarian: The Ultimate Warrior, Cauldron acquired by Titus Software in 1991
Palette Tokyo, Japan 2002 Moshimo Ashita ga Hare Naraba
Panasonic Osaka, Japan 1918 D no longer publishes video games
Panda Entertainment Taiwan 1993 Sango Fighter last game published in 1997
Panesian Taiwan Taiwan 1990 AV-Pachi Slot, Bubble Bath Babes, Peek-A-Boo Poker publisher of eroge for the Family Computer and NES
Panther Games Canberra, Australia 1985 Fire-Brigade: The Battle for Kiev - 1943 no longer publishes video games; their games are now published by Lock 'n Load Publishing
Panther Software Japan 1987 last game published in 2004
Paradox Interactive Stockholm, Sweden 1998 video game developer
Paragon Software Greensburg, Pennsylvania, United States 1985 The Amazing Spider-Man defunct 1992
Parker Brothers Beverly, Massachusetts, United States 1883 Montezuma's Revenge acquired by Hasbro in 1991, which continued to use it as a label on some video games until 1994
Parsoft Interactive United States 1991 A-10 Attack! defunct 2002
Penguin Software Geneva, Illinois, United States 1978
Pentavision South Korea 2003 DJMax Portable division of Neowiz Games; merged with GameOn Studios in 2012
Perfect World Beijing, China 2004 Perfect World
Jade Dynasty
video game developer; subsidiaries include Runic Games and Cryptic Studios
Personal Software Services Coventry, UK 1981 The Battle For Midway acquired by Mirrorsoft in 1987
Petit Ferret Japan 2002 Popotan defunct
Petroglyph Games Las Vegas, Nevada, US 2003 Guardians of Graxia
Panzer General: Russian Assault
video game developer
PF Magic San Francisco, California, United States 1991 Petz acquired by Ubisoft in 1998
Phantagram South Korea 1994 Phantom Crash
Philips Amsterdam, Netherlands 1891 various CD-i games no longer publishes video games
Pionesoft Japan 2003 After... defunct 2008
Piranha Software London, England, UK 1986 The Trap Door software publishing arm of Macmillan Publishers Ltd; defunct since 1988
Piranha Interactive Publishing Tempe, Arizona, United States 1995 Morpheus defunct 1999
PlayFirst San Francisco, California, United States 2004 Diner Dash acquired by Glu mobile in 2014
Playlogic Entertainment, Inc. The Netherlands, Amsterdam 2002
Playmates Toys Costa Mesa, California, United States 1966 Earthworm Jim (SNES)
The Pokémon Company Tokyo, Japan 1998 Pokémon Diamond and Pearl joint venture between Game Freak, Nintendo, and Creatures
Pony Canyon Tokyo, Japan 1966 Dr. Chaos no longer publishes video games
PopCap Games Seattle, Washington, United States 2000 Bejeweled
Plants vs. Zombies
video game developer; now owned by EA Games
Portkey Games England, United Kingdom 2017 Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery, Hogwarts Legacy label of Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment; focused on publishing games related to the Wizarding World franchise
Positech Games UK 1997
Presto Studios Encinitas, California, United States 1991 The Journeyman Project defunct 2002
PrincessSoft Japan 2001 publishing label of Oaks Co., Ltd
Prism Leisure Corporation Enfield, Middlesex, England, UK 1984 various ZX Spectrum games published under the Addictive Games, Endurance Games, and Paxman Promotions labels; defunct
Private Division New York City, New York, US 2017 Kerbal Space Program label of Take-Two Interactive
Probe Software Croydon, England, UK 1984 Mantronix acquired by Acclaim Entertainment in 1999; defunct 2004
Programma International Los Angeles, California, United States 1978 3-D Docking Mission defunct 1983
Prototype Tokyo, Japan 2006 Planetarian: The Reverie of a Little Planet
Psygnosis Liverpool, England, UK 1984 Discworld
video game developer
Psikyo Kyoto, Japan 1992 Sengoku Blade defunct 2003; continued to be used a label until 2005
Psytronik Software UK 1993 Knight 'n' Grail
Pulltop Japan 2002
Purple Moon Mountain View, California, United States 1997 various girls' video games acquired by Mattel in 1999
Quality Software Chatsworth, California, United States 1978 The Return of Heracles defunct 1984
Quantum Axcess Columbus, Ohio, United States 1994 Malice last game published c. 2003
Quantum Quality Productions Flemington, New Jersey, United States 1991 The Perfect General acquired by American Laser Games in 1994; defunct 1995
Quest Corporation Tokyo, Japan 1988 Ogre Battle: The March of the Black Queen defunct 2002 following acquisition by Square
Quicksilva UK 1983 Ant Attack, Bugaboo (The Flea) acquired by Argus Press Software in 1984, which used the Quicksilva name as a label until 1989
QuinRose Japan 2005 Arabians Lost: The Engagement on Desert
Quintet Tokyo, Japan 1987 defunct 2002
Qute Sagamihara, Japan 1999 Dicing Knight Period
Q Entertainment Tokyo, Japan 2003 Lumines II
R2Games Hong Kong, China 2010
Rabbit Software London, England, UK 1982 Potty Painter acquired by Virgin Games in 1985
Radica Games United States 1983 Play TV acquired by Mattel in 2006
Rage Software Liverpool, England, UK 1992 Striker defunct 2003
Rainbird Software London, England, UK 1986 Starglider label of Telecomsoft until 1989, and of MicroProse from then until its discontinuation in 1991
Rainbow Arts Gütersloh, Germany 1984 Turrican, The Great Giana Sisters video game developer; acquired by Funsoft and subsequently absorbed into THQ in 1999
Random House New York City, United States 1927 APBA Major League Players Baseball no longer publishes video games
Rare Twycross, England, UK 1985 Jet Force Gemini
Sea of Thieves
acquired by Microsoft in 2002, no longer publishes video games
Ravensburger Interactive Ravensburg, Germany 1883 video game subsidiary of Ravensburger AG; acquired by JoWooD Productions in 2002
Raw Fury Stockholm, Sweden 2015 Kingdom, Gonner
Raw Thrills Skokie, Illinois, United States 2001 Target: Terror
Red Ant Enterprises Australia 2001 local distributor for other publishers' games; defunct 2011
Red Entertainment Tokyo, Japan 1976 Gungrave known as Red Company until 2000
RedOctane Mountain View, California, United States 1999 Guitar Hero acquired by Activision in 2006; defunct 2010
Red Orb Entertainment Novato, California, United States 1997 Riven label of Broderbund, and of Mindscape from 1998 onward; defunct 2001 following acquisition by Ubisoft
Red Shift London, England 1983 Rebelstar Raiders defunct 1985
Red Storm Entertainment Cary, North Carolina, United States 1996 Rainbow Six video game developer; acquired by Ubisoft and their games are now published by Ubisoft
Regista Japan 2004 I/O
reLINE Software Hanover, Germany 1987 Amegas defunct 2004
Renegade Software Wapping, London, England, UK 1991 Gods, Fire & Ice publishing arm of The Bitmap Brothers; acquired by GT Interactive in 1997
Renovation Products United States 1990 acquired by Sega
Richard Shepherd Software Slough, Berkshire, England, UK 1982 Shaken but not Stirred defunct 1984
Right Stuff Tokyo, Japan 1990 Flash Hiders defunct 1999
Riot Games Santa Monica, United States 2006 League of Legends video game developer; acquired by Tencent
Ripcord Games Santa Clara, California, United States 1996 Postal label of Panasonic Interactive Media until 1999; ceased publishing video games in 2001; defunct 2009
Rising Star Games Hitchin, England, UK 2004 Acquired by Thunderful Group in 2018
Riverhillsoft Japan 1982 J.B. Harold Murder Club defunct 2004
Rock-Ola Chicago, Illinois, United States 1927 Nibbler no longer publishes video games
Rockstar Games New York, New York, United States 1998 Max Payne
Grand Theft Auto
Midnight Club
video game developer; currently a publishing label of Take-Two Interactive
Romstar Torrance, California, United States 1984 Twin Cobra defunct 1992
Romtech Langhorne, Pennsylvania, United States 1999 defunct
Rovio Entertainment Espoo, Finland 2003 Angry Birds publishers its own developed games as well as 3rd parties under Rovio Stars
RTL Group Kirchberg, Luxembourg 1920 Crash Time: Autobahn Pursuit published under the RTL Playtainment label; currently its subsidiary, BroadbandTV, publishes some mobile games
RuneSoft Tübingen, Germany 2000 various Linux and Mac OS games
Saga Planets Osaka, Japan 1998 Ren'ai CHU!
Sammy Studios Minato, Japan 2004 merged with Sega as Sega Sammy Holdings,
Samsung Seoul, South Korea 1938 various Sega Mega Drive games in Korea no longer publishes video games
Sanctuary Woods Victoria, British Columbia, Canada 1988 Ripley's Believe It or Not!: The Riddle of Master Lu defunct 2001
Scavenger, Inc. Los Angeles, California, United States 1996 Scorcher defunct 1998
Scopely Culver City, California, United States 2011 Star Trek Fleet Command
The Walking Dead: Road to Survival
SCi Games London, England, UK 1988 bought and merged with Eidos Interactive in 2005; name retired
SCS Software Prague, Czech Republic 1997 Euro Truck Simulator 2
Safari Software Houston, Texas, United States 1989 Traffic Department 2192 acquired by Epic MegaGames in 1997
Scholastic Wilkinsburg, Pennsylvania, United States 1920 ceased publishing video games in 2007
Sears Chicago, Illinois, United States 1886 various Atari 2600 games published under the Tele-Games label; exited the video game industry in 1983
Sega Tokyo, Japan 1960 Sonic the Hedgehog
Phantasy Star
Virtua Fighter
video game developer; merged with Sammy Studios as Sega Sammy Holdings
Seibu Kaihatsu Tokyo, Japan 1982 Raiden ceased publishing video games in 1998
Serenity Forge Boulder, Colorado, United States 2014 Doki Doki Literature Club Plus!
Where the Water Tastes Like Wine
video game developer
SETA Corporation Tokyo, Japan 1985 defunct 2009
Seven45 Studios Seattle, Washington, United States 2007 Power Gig: Rise of the SixString game publishing arm of First Act which was acquired by Jazwares in 2016
Shadow Tor Studios UK 2005 Barrow Hill
Shanda Shanghai, China 1999 gaming unit spun off as Shanda Games (later Shengqu Games) in 2009
Sharp Corporation Sakai, Japan 1912 Nekketsu High School Dodgeball Club: Soccer no longer publishes video games
Shengqu Games Shanghai, China 1999
Sherston Software Sherston, Wiltshire, UK 1983 various BBC Micro games defunct 2011; now a label of Sherston Publishing Group
Shoeisha Tokyo, Japan 1986 BreakThru! no longer publishes video games
Shogakukan Tokyo, Japan 1922 Professor Kageyama's Maths Training: The Hundred Cell Calculation Method
Sierra Entertainment California, United States 1979 Gabriel Knight
King's Quest
Leisure Suit Larry
Police Quest
Quest for Glory
Space Quest
video game developer; defunct 2008; name was revived as an Activision brand in 2014
Silicon Beach Software San Diego, California, United States 1984 Enchanted Scepters acquired by Aldus Corporation in 1990
Silmarils Lognes, Paris, France 1987 Metal Mutant defunct 2003
Simon & Schuster Interactive New York City, United States 1995 Deer Avenger defunct 2003
SIMS Co., Ltd. Tokyo, Japan 1991 Vay
Simulations Canada Canada 1977 various computer wargames no longer publishes video games
Sinclair Research Ltd. London, England, UK 1973 1K ZX Chess brand name sold to Amstrad in 1985, which continued to use it as a label until 1992
Sirius Software Sacramento, California, United States 1980 Wayout defunct 1984
Sir-Tech New York City, United States 1979 Wizardry defunct 2003
Slitherine Epsom, Surrey, UK 2000 Panzer Corps
Distant Worlds
publisher of strategy and wargames on PC, Mac, mobile and home consoles
SNK Osaka, Japan 2001 Ikari Warriors
Fatal Fury
World Heroes
Samurai Showdown
Art of Fighting
acquired by 37Games in 2015
Soedesco Rotterdam, The Netherlands 2001 various indie games
SOFEL Tokyo, Japan 1979 Wall Street Kid no longer publishes video games
Soft-World Taipei, Taiwan 1983 Heroes of Jin Yong
Softape United States 1978 various Apple II games defunct 1983
Softdisk Shreveport, Louisiana, United States 1981 Catacomb 3-D defunct 2016
SoftKey United States 1978 Oregon Trail II known as Micro International Corp. until 1989, as WordStar International Inc. until 1994, as The Learning Company in 1996; continued to use the SoftKey label on some software until 1999, when the company was acquired by Mattel
Softek International Ltd London, England, UK 1980 Quo Vadis defunct 1989 published some games under the label The Edge
SoftSide United States 1978 Arena of Octos defunct 1984
Softstar Taipei, Taiwan 1988 The Legend of Sword and Fairy
Software 2000 Eutin, Germany 1987 Fast Food Tycoon defunct 2002
Software Dynamics Victoria, British Columbia, Canada 1987 Operation: Inner Space
The Software Exchange Milford, New Hampshire, United States 1978 Atlantic Balloon Crossing publishing arm of SoftSide; initially known as TRS-80 Software Exchange. Defunct 1984
Software Projects Liverpool, England, UK 1983 Jet Set Willy defunct 1985
Sony Imagesoft Los Angeles, California, United States 1989 Super Dodge Ball initially known as CSG Imagesoft; defunct 1995
Sony Interactive Entertainment San Mateo, California, United States 1993 Ratchet & Clank
Jak and Daxter
God of War
publishing under the PlayStation Studios label since 2020
Sony Pictures Digital California, United States 1997 publisher of mobile phone games
SouthPeak Games Virginia, United States 1996 Two Worlds
Spectral Associates Tacoma, Washington, United States 1980 various TRS-80 Color Computer games published last game in 1988
Spectravideo United States 1981 Mangia published Atari 2600 games under the label Spectravision; defunct 1988
Spectrum HoloByte Alameda, California, United States 1983 video game developer; acquired by Hasbro Interactive
Spike Tokyo, Japan 1991 Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc merged with Chunsoft in 2012
Spike Chunsoft Tokyo, Japan 1984 Danganronpa series
Science Adventure series
Zero Escape series
video game developer and localizer; formerly known as Chunsoft before it merged with Spike in 2012; subsidiary of Dwango
Spil Games Hilversum, The Netherlands 2001 video game developer; acquired by Azerion [de] in 2020[5]
Spinnaker Software Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States 1982 In Search of the Most Amazing Thing acquired by The Learning Company in 1994
Square Tokyo, Japan 1986 Final Fantasy video game developer; merged with Enix to create Square Enix
Square Electronic Arts Costa Mesa, California, United States 1998 Parasite Eve owned by Square and Electronic Arts; folded back into Square and changed to Square Enix
Square Enix Tokyo, Japan 1975 Dragon Quest
Square Enix Europe London, England, UK 1990 Tomb Raider
video game developer; acquired by SCi Games in 2005, then by Square Enix in 2009; known as Eidos Interactive until 2009
Stardock Livonia, Michigan, United States 1991 Sins of a Solar Empire
Galactic Civilizations
video game developer
Starpath Livermore, California, United States 1981 Escape from the Mindmaster defunct 1984
Stern Electronics Chicago, Illinois, United States 1977 Berzerk ceased video game production in 1985
Sting Entertainment Tokyo, Japan 1989 Last Battalion
Storm Impact Glenview, Illinois, United States 1989 TaskMaker defunct 1997
Strategic Simulations (SSI) Sunnyvale, California, United States 1979 video game developer acquired by Ubisoft, name retired
Strategic Studies Group Australia 1983 Reach for the Stars no longer publishes video games; their games are now published by Matrix Games
Strat-O-Matic Glen Head, New York, United States 1961 Strat-O-Matic Computer Baseball no longer publishes video games
Stormfront Studios San Rafael, California, United States 1988 Old Time Baseball defunct 2008
Strategy First Montreal, Quebec, Canada 1988 Europa Universalis
Studio e.go! Osaka, Japan 1998 Castle Fantasia: Seima Taisen defunct 2009
Sublogic Urbana-Champaign, Illinois, United States 1975 Flight Simulator acquired by Sierra in 1995
Success Tokyo, Japan 1978 video game developer
Sunflowers Interactive Entertainment Software Heusenstamm, Germany 1993 Anno 1602 acquired by Ubisoft in 2007
Sunrise Interactive Japan 1998 Mai-HiME: Unmei no Keitōju defunct 2008
Sunsoft Aichi, Japan 1981 Aero the Acro-Bat closed U.S. offices, operates out of Japan
Superior Software Leeds, England, UK 1982 Citadel
Supersoft Harrow, London, UK 1978 Air Attack ceased publishing video games in 1985
Sydney Development Corporation Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada 1978 defunct 1989
Super Fighter Team San Diego, California, United States 2004 Legend of Wukong
Suzy Soft Zagreb, Croatia 1985 various ZX Spectrum and Commodore 64 games software division of Suzy Records; defunct 1988
Synapse Software Richmond, California 1981 Blue Max purchased by Broderbund in 1984; defunct 1986
Synergistic Software Seattle, Washington, United States 1978 Odyssey: The Compleat Apventure acquired by Sierra in 1996; defunct 1999
SystemSoft Japan 1985 Daisenryaku no longer publishes video games
System 3 London, England, UK 1982 The Last Ninja, International Karate, Myth: History in the Making video game developer
System Sacom Tokyo, Japan 1981 no longer publishes video games
Tactics Japan 1997 One: Kagayaku Kisetsu e acquired by Nexton in 1999, which has continued to use the Tactics brand on some games
Taito Tokyo, Japan 1953 Bubble Bobble video game developer; acquired by Square Enix
Takara Japan 1955 The Transformers: Mystery of Convoy merged with Tomy in 2006
Take-Two Interactive New York, New York, United States 1993 owns publishers Rockstar Games, 2K Games (2K Sports), and Private Division; a video game developer
TalonSoft Baltimore, Maryland, United States 1995 Battleground video game developer; acquired by Take-Two Interactive, name retired
Tamsoft Tokyo, Japan 1992 Guardian's Crusade
Tandy Corporation Fort Worth, Texas, United States 1919 Microchess ceased publishing games in 1989
Taxan Japan 1981 no longer publishes video games
TDK Mediactive Westlake Village, California, United States 1990 Lady Sia american software publishing arm of TDK; defunct 2003
Team17 Wakefield, England, UK 1990 Worms, Alien Breed, Superfrog, Yooka-Laylee video game developer
Team Shanghai Alice Japan 1996 Touhou Project
Techland Ostrów Wielkopolski, Poland 1991
Technical Group Laboratory Osaka, Japan 1984 known as TGL
Technology and Entertainment Software Japan 1982 Hydlide known as T&E Soft; ceased publishing video games in 2002
Technosoft Sasebo, Nagasaki, Japan 1980 Thunder Force acquired by Twenty-one Company in 2001
Technos Japan Tokyo, Japan 1981 video game developer; assets acquired by Atlus
TecMagik California, United States 1991 video game developer
Tecmo Japan 1967 Ninja Gaiden
Tecmo Bowl
Dead or Alive
merged into Tecmo Koei
Tectoy Sao Paulo, Brazil 1987 many games for Sega consoles in Brazil
Telarium Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States 1984 Fahrenheit 451 defunct 1987
Telesys Fremont, California, United States 1982 Fast Food defunct 1984
Telenet Japan Japan 1983 Valis: The Fantasm Soldier defunct 2007
Telltale Games San Rafael, California, United States 2004 defunct 2018
Tencent Shenzhen, China 1998 video game developer and online services company; has a minority stake in Epic Games and owns Riot Games as a subsidiary
Tengen Milpitas, California, United States 1987 Tetris console publishing arm of Atari Games; folded into Time Warner Interactive in 1994
Texas Instruments Dallas, Texas, United States 1930 Parsec exited the video game industry in 1984
Thalamus Ltd London, England, UK 1986 Armalyte defunct 1993
Thalion Software Gütersloh, Germany 1988 Amberstar defunct 1994
The9 Shanghai, China 1999 former regional publisher for World of Warcraft in China
The Learning Company San Francisco, California, United States 1980 merged with Mattel Interactive, no longer publishes video games
Thin Chen Enterprise Taipei, Taiwan 1988 Colorful Dragon used the labels Sachen, Commin, and Joy Van; defunct
Thinking Rabbit Takarazuka, Japan 1982 Sokoban defunct
THQ Agoura Hills, California, United States 1989 Red Faction
S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl
Saints Row
Tak and the Power of Juju
Destroy All Humans!
video game developer; Nordic Games (now THQ Nordic) revived the THQ brand in 2016, and all THQ franchises folded to THQ Nordic
THQ Nordic Austria 2011 purchased Darksiders, Red Faction, and MX vs; ATV franchises from THQ, previously called Nordic Games 2011–2016
Thorn EMI Computer Software London, England, UK 1981 River Rescue software publishing arm of Thorn EMI; spun off and reëstablished as Creative Sparks in 1984
Three-Sixty Pacific United States 1987 Dark Castle defunct 1994
Tiertex Design Studios Manchester, UK 1987 Ace of Aces last game published in 2003
Tiger Electronics Vernon Hills, Illinois, United States 1978 various LCD games and games video game developer; acquired by Hasbro in 1998
Time Warner Interactive Milpitas, California, United States 1993 Primal Rage merged into Midway Games West in 1996
Titus Interactive France 1985
Toaplan Japan 1984 Fire Shark defunct 1994
Toei Animation Tokyo, Japan 1956 Baltron
Toho Tokyo, Japan 1932 Godzilla: Monster of Monsters no longer publishes video games
Tokuma Shoten Tokyo, Japan 1954 Incredible Crisis no longer publishes video games
Tokyo Shoseki Tokyo, Japan 1909 Cycle Race: Road Man no longer publishes video games
Tomy (Takara Tomy) Tokyo, Japan 1924 Pretty Rhythm merged with Takara in 2006
Tommo City of Industry, California 1990 Monster Rancher DS
Tonkin House Tokyo, Japan 1986 Gun-Nac defunct 2008
Topologika Stilton, UK 1983 Countdown to Doom defunct 2013
Topo Soft Spain 1987 Survivor defunct 1994
TopWare Interactive Karlsruhe, Germany 1995 video game developer; after filing for bankruptcy in 2001, it was acquired by Zuxxez Entertainment, and later resurrected in 2005; filed for bankruptcy again in 2016, but continues to publish future video games
Toshiba EMI Tokyo, Japan 1960 Syvalion defunct 2013
Towa Chiki Tokyo, Japan 1986 A Week of Garfield defunct 2001
Tradewest Corsicana, Texas, United States 1986 acquired by Midway Games, name retired
Treco Torrance, California 1990 Atomic Robo-Kid defunct 1993
Triangle Service Tokyo, Japan 2002 Trizeal
Triffix Entertainment Montreal, Quebec, Canada 1991 Castelian
Dream TV
Space Football: One on One
last game published in 1992
Trilobyte Software Medford, Oregon, United States 1990 Uncle Henry's Playhouse defunct 1999, re-established in 2010
Tripwire Interactive Roswell, Georgia, United States 2005 Killing Floor
Tri Synergy Dallas, Texas, United States 1996
Tru Blu Entertainment Sydney, Australia 1999 Rugby League
TSR, Inc. Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, United States 1973 Theseus and the Minotaur founded as Tactical Studies Rules; acquired and dissolved in 1997 by Wizards of the Coast, which continued to use the TSR name as a label until 2000
Tsunami Games Oakhurst, California, United States 1991 Blue Force sold to Tsunami Media Corporation in 1999
TT Games Maidenhead, England, UK 2005 video game developer; merger of Giant Interactive Entertainment and Traveller's Tales; acquired by Warner Bros. Interactive
Twilight Frontier Japan 2002 Higurashi Daybreak
Tynesoft Blaydon, UK 1983 Superman: The Man of Steel exited the video game industry in 1991
Type-Moon Japan 2000 Tsukihime
Ubisoft Montreuil-sous-Bois, France 1986 Rayman
Assassin's Creed
Far Cry
Ghost Recon
Splinter Cell
video game developer
UEP Systems Tokyo, Japan 1985 Cool Boarders defunct 2001
UFO Interactive Games City of Industry, California 1999 Monster Rancher DS label of Tommo
Ultimate Play the Game Ashby-de-la-Zouch, UK 1982 Jetpac, Knight Lore acquired by U.S. gold in 1985, which continued to use the Ultimate name as a label on some games; defunct 1988
Ultrasoft Bratislava, Slovakia 1989 Towdie defunct 1998
Ultra Games Buffalo Grove, Illinois, United States 1988 Shell company and publishing label for Konami; name retired in 1992
United States Army Arlington, Virginia, United States 1775 America's Army
Universal Entertainment Corporation Japan 1969 Mr. Do!
UserJoy Technology Taiwan 1995 The Legend of Three Kingdoms
US Games Santa Clara, California, United States 1978 Entombed acquired by Quaker Oats in 1982; defunct 1983
Valcon Games Bellevue, Washington, United States 2005 Darkest of Days no longer active
Valve Bellevue, Washington, United States 1996 Half-Life series
Counter-Strike series
Portal series
Left 4 Dead series
Dota 2
video game developer
VAP Tokyo, Japan 1981 Isolated Warrior no longer publishes video games
Varie Japan 1986 Parallel World defunct 1997
VEB Polytechnik Chemnitz, Germany 1870 Poly Play defunct 2006
Vectorbeam California, United States 1978 Speed Freak acquired by Cinematronics in 1980
Viacom New York City, United States 1952 Phantom 2040 published video games under the Viacom New Media label; company split in 2005
Victor Interactive Japan 1970 Shadow of the Beast subsidiary of JVC; merged with Pack-In-Video in 1996; acquired by Marvelous Entertainment in 2003; defunct 2007
Vic Tokai Shizuoka, Japan 1977 no longer publishes video games
Virgin Interactive London, England, UK 1983 Global Gladiators video game developer; known as Virgin Games until 1993; american branch acquired and closed by Electronic Arts in 1998, European branch acquired by Titus Software in 1999, and re-branded to Avalon Interactive in 2003; ceased publishing games after 2002
Virgin Play Spain 1995 Touch the Dead known as Virgin Interactive Espana SA until 2002; filed for liquidation in 2009
Virtual Programming Bournemouth, UK 2000 various Mac OS games
Visco Corporation Japan 1982 Wardner no longer publishes video games
The Vision Factory Den Bosch, The Netherlands 1993 various CD-i games defunct 2002
VisualArt's Osaka, Japan 1991 Kanon
Vivarium Inc. Tokyo, Japan 1993 SimTower previously known as OPeNBooK Co., Ltd
Vivendi Games Los Angeles, California United States 1993 merged with Activision to form Activision Blizzard in 2008
Vortex Software Manchester, UK 1981 Highway Encounter defunct 1990
VoxelStorm Manchester, UK 2012 AdvertCity video game developer and music publisher
Vulcan Software Cotswolds, UK 1994 Valhalla: Before the War
Wales Interactive Bridgend, Wales, UK 2012 The Bunker
Soul Axiom
video game developer
Walnut Creek CDROM Walnut Creek, California, United States 1991 various shareware CD-ROMs merged with Berkeley Software Design in 2000
Wanadoo Edition Paris, France 2000 Iron Storm software publishing arm of Wanadoo; defunct 2003
Warashi Tokyo, Japan 1995 Triggerheart Exelica
Wargaming Nicosia, Cyprus 1998 World of Tanks
World of Warplanes
World of Warships
video game developer
Warner Bros. Interactive Burbank, California, United States 1993 F.E.A.R. 2
publishes under the Portkey Games label
WARP Japan 1994 Enemy Zero exited the video game industry in 1999, defunct 2005
Webfoot Technologies Lemont, Illinois, United States 1993 Deadly Rooms of Death
Webzen Seoul, South Korea 2000 video game developer
WildTangent Redmond, Washington, United States 1998 Fate: The Traitor Soul acquired by Gamigo AG [de] in 2019
Williams Electronics Chicago, Illinois, United States 1943 Robotron 2084, Defender exited the video game industry in 1998
Windham Classics Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States 1984 Below the Root published last game in 1985
Windmill Japan 2002 Happiness! publishes under the Windmill Oasis label
Windmill Software Toronto, Ontario, Canada 1982 Digger defunct 1984
Winkysoft Osaka, Japan 1983 defunct 2015
Wisdom Tree Tucson, Arizona, United States 1989 known for Christian-themed games
WizardWorks Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States 1990 Deer Hunter acquired by GT Interactive in 1996; defunct 2004
Wolf Team Tokyo, Japan 1986 Annet Futatabi acquired by Namco in 2003
Working Designs Redding, California, United States 1986 Lunar specialized in the localization of Japan-native RPGs
Xicat Interactive Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States 1997 defunct 2005
Xonox Minnesota, United States 1983 Artillery Duel defunct 1984
Xseed Games Torrance, California, United States 2005 Ys Seven subsidiary of Marvelous
XS Games New York, New York, United States 2002
Yeti Japan 2005 Root Double: Before Crime * After Days
Yojigen Japan 1994 WildSnake defunct
Yonezawa PR21 Japan 1988 Battle Storm known as Party Room 21; acquired by Sega in 1994; defunct 1998
Yuke's Osaka, Japan 1993 Evil Zone
Yutaka Japan 1990 Last Armageddon defunct 2003 following merger with Popy
Zaccaria Bologna, Italy 1974 various arcade games defunct 1988
ZAPiT Games Mississauga, Ontario, Canada 2003 Game Wave Family Entertainment System defunct
ZeniMax Media United States 1999 The Elder Scrolls, Doom, Fallout, Wolfenstein owns publisher Bethesda Softworks; acquired by Microsoft in 2021
Zenobi Rochdale, UK 1982 various text adventure games
Zeppelin Games Gateshead, UK 1987 Draconus acquired by Merit Studios Inc. in 1994 and renamed to Merit Studios Europe; regained independence in 1996 and reëstablished itself as Eutechnyx; no longer publishes its own games
Zigurat Spain 1986 various ZX Spectrum games published last game in 1992
Zimag United States 1982 Dishaster publishing label of Magnetic Tape International; defunct 1983
Zoom Sapporo, Japan 1988 Overtake
Zuxxez Entertainment Karlsruhe, Germany 2001 acquired TopWare Interactive in 2001; renamed itself to TopWare Interactive in 2005; name retired
Zushi Games Sheffield, England, UK 1999
Zynga San Francisco, California 2007 FarmVille
Mafia Wars
ZyX Japan 1994

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