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Mechanics of Singing #3
2016-06-19 14:24 BY A.J.
 In the last installment I said I would provide some breathing exercises you can do to help isolate and understand how it feels to..
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Mechanics of Singing #2
2016-06-17 08:23 BY A.J.
 In the first intallment, I  asserted that everyone can learn to sing. That by approaching the art of singing as a sport, you achi..
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Mechanics of Singing #1
2016-06-14 17:07 BY A.J.
 Everyone can learn to sing—anyone at any age willing to train for their sport. That’s right, singing is a sport and should be approach..
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A Batch of Bona-Fide Blarney!
2016-06-12 06:07 BY A.J.
 A Batch of Bona-Fide Blarney!My title has nothing to do with my blog other than to illustrate that an interesting, alliterative title ..
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Don't Advertise, Improvise! #6
2016-06-11 11:35 BY A.J.
With the first 4 keys to effective memorization, we’ve learned that by incorporating all these practices we engage the brain, the eyes, the ..
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Don't Advertise, Improvise! #5
2016-06-09 22:53 BY A.J.
 The 4th vital key in effective memorization is the hardest for most people.Record and listen.We “hear” and absorb things differently w..
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Don't Advertise, Improvise! #4
2016-06-08 23:19 BY A.J.
 So far in our exploration of effective memorization techniques, we’ve looked at:Reading what you’ve written both silently and aloudWri..
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Don't Advertise, Improvise! #3
2016-06-06 22:39 BY A.J.
 The second key to effective memorization is:Write it down. Studies show that students retain more when they take hand-written notes,..
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Don't Advertise, Improvise! #2
2016-06-05 22:23 BY A.J.
 Yesterday, we embarked on a journey to understand how we can improve our memorization skills when speaking in front of others. We lear..
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Don't Advertise, Improvise! #1
2016-06-05 06:24 BY A.J.
 Don’t Advertise, Improvise! Keys to Effective MemorizationI was Jonathan Livingston Seagull! I was 15, and landed the lead role in a r..
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Essential Traits for Success #4
2016-06-04 05:41 BY A.J.
 So far we’ve looked at the first two of three essential traits for success:Passion. Passion comes from powerful, compelling emotions b..
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Essential Traits for Success #3
2016-06-02 22:16 BY A.J.
 The second Essential Trait is: PERSEVERANCEPerseverance is steady persistence in a course of action or purpose especially in spite of ..
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Essential Traits for Success #2
2016-06-02 06:16 BY A.J.
 Yesterday I wrote about how talent and skill can be detriments to success if not combined with a proper mindset. Now let’s look at the..
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Essential Traits for Success #1
2016-06-01 00:49 BY A.J.
 What determines success? Talent, skill, intelligence, a good idea? Those are nice. They certainly contribute, but they are not what br..
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Stimulating Church?
2016-05-31 06:07 BY A.J.
 Stimulating Church?I dare say we’ve all been to church at least once in our lives. Based on our personal experiences, we either love i..
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