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South Pacific Storm
2017-03-03 19:42 BY rojokona
This is the aftermath of a storm that came up from the South Pacific. Most of the islands got 10+ inches of rain. We got less than a 1/4 in ..
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2017-02-25 10:48 BY rojokona
Three Bulls breaking everything on the farm for months. We Kill & eat two. One left to catch. We have not seen the last for two week..
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HAPPY VALENTINES DAY ....... "can I have my rowboat back"
2017-02-14 05:41 BY rojokona
Maybe the last words spoken by Captain James Cook, RN, today, 238 years ago. Killed,cooked, & feasted on over a stolen rowboat, misunder..
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2017-02-05 04:46 BY rojokona
We give thanks for food we are about to receive. An early morning check to see if we got the bull. Trap #1 no, Trap #2 no, as I came ..
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Lava flowing, Big Island Hawaii
2017-02-03 22:10 BY rojokona
This is on the other side of our Island. Our home is a wonder in so many ways. Come here and see for yourself.Aloha
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2017-01-31 21:49 BY rojokona
Joy & I live with one foot in the world of Costco & Home Depot and the other foot in pioneer days. We live on the edge of a primord..
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2017-01-31 15:48 BY rojokona
VETTING.It might come as shock to some, but this has been around for a long time, done by most if not all countries.I have been vetted (det..
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Elaine Chao
2017-01-31 12:57 BY rojokona
Senate voted 93 to 6 on Tuesday to confirm Elaine Chao as head of the U.S. Transportation Department, which overseas aviation, vehicle, ..
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let it rain, let it rain, let it rain
2017-01-26 19:22 BY rojokona
We have been in a drought here in Hawaii. No rain for 2 months. I guess all farmers of the world go through this. We have no connection to..
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A letter to Coast to Coast Am Radio (George Noory)
2017-01-14 20:26 BY rojokona
Aloha,Roy & Joy living here in Honaunau, South Kona, Big Island. Ready for anything that comes our way. There is a place on this pla..
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2017-01-14 13:45 BY rojokona
“I can't give you a sure-fire formula for success, but I can give you a formula for failure: try to please everybody all the time.” &n..
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2 STEPS, Honaunau Bay
2017-01-08 21:34 BY rojokona
We had George, Gail, Chad, & Kevin from Nabraska come and stay with us on our Farm. This was just before they got on the plane to go hom..
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New Years Resolution
2016-12-31 20:18 BY rojokona
Never surf with an old surf leash. Surfboard $500, New leash $25. Big day, Bad day, surfing the reef where Hawaiian Kings surfed. King Kam..
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2016-12-31 17:06 BY rojokona
For 63 years breathing air, I remember almost every president, and it is always the same, the world is coming to an end because of who won...
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Simon Sinek....motivational speaker
2016-12-28 11:36 BY rojokona
Simon Sinek talks about young Millennials. People that were born after 1984. Simon is a motivational speaker. Are you or your children Mille..
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